Karina Impresses GOT The Beat With Her Knowledge In Recent Video

In a recent video uploaded to GOT the beat‘s YouTube channel, the members all got closer to each other.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon was paired up with Red Velvet‘s Seulgi.

GOT the beat’s Taeyeon (left) and Seulgi (right) | Girls On Top/YouTube 

Red Velvet’s Wendy was paired with aespa‘s Winter.

GOT the beat’s Winter (left) and Wendy (right) | Girls On Top/YouTube 

And soloist BoA teamed up with Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon and aespa’s Karina.


GOT the beat’s Hyoyeon (left), BoA (middle), and Karina (right) | Girls On Top/YouTube 


The three groups competed with one another to answer questions and complete missions. One of the common questions asked was if the members knew the other’s birthday.

When Winter got asked when Wendy’s birthday was, the younger idol could guess it based on Wendy’s extremely helpful clues.

| Girls On Top/YouTube 

| Girls On Top/YouTube 

And, in contrast, Seulgi (who thought she had to guess the month and day) couldn’t guess Girls’ Generation’s debut date, although she did know the year, instead offering that she wished she had been asked about Taeyeon’s birthday instead since she knew that answer.

| Girls On Top/YouTube 

But when BoA, Hyoyeon, and Karina’s team got asked when Hyoyeon’s birthday was, Karina was able to answer immediately.

Hyoyeon first threatened to go home if they didn’t get the question right.

| Girls On Top/YouTube 

But Karina even tentatively raised her hand as if she was asking permission to answer the question. And when she got the answer, September 22nd, both Hyoyeon and BoA were shocked.

| Girls On Top/YouTube 

Hyoyeon exclaimed that she was touched Karina knew it, while BoA was in shock.

| Girls On Top/YouTube 

Karina then confessed that she knew all their birthdays, which shocked them further.

| Girls On Top/YouTube 

And BoA even added that she would learn all of the birthdays too.

| Girls On Top/YouTube 

At the end of the video, Karina explained that, as her fans know, she’s a big fan of SM Entertainment‘s groups. A “Pink Blood.”

| Girls On Top/YouTube 

So, of course, she knows their birthdays since she’s always been a fan of her sunbaes (seniors in the industry) and their music. And adds that as a fan, she was truly lucky to be a part of this iconic collaboration.

| Girls On Top/YouTube 

| Girls On Top/YouTube 

You can watch the rest of the video here.

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