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Karrion Kross Reveals If He Will Wrestle Logan Paul Or Not

If the price is right, Karrion Kross wants to get his hands on a new WWE star. In a recent interview, the two-time NXT Champion discussed his upcoming fight against Drew McIntyre at Crown Jewel, as well as a potential matchup with whoever emerges from the main show as WWE Champion: Roman Reigns or Logan Paul.

Kross stated, “I would be delighted to face Mr Paul.” I have no reservations about getting into the ring with him. There is none. However, Kross, like many WWE fans, thinks Reigns will easily hold his title at the Saudi Arabia pay-per-view event. I think Roman will crush Paul, and if he thinks he is only contending against Roman and not with the entire Bloodline at this moment, he is completely insane, according to Kross.

No one else has figured it out yet against Roman. And I’m sure Roman is very well aware of it. Paul made his WWE debut earlier this year at WrestleMania 38, and he eventually signed a multi-year contract with the company in June. After defeating The Miz at SummerSlam, Paul contested Reigns for the firm’s top prize.

While many fans are upset that Paul received a title shot after only two matches, Kross says he isn’t thinking about Paul’s meteoric rise to the top. In aspects of him paying his dues or whatever, I recognize that numerous individuals hold that opinion, but I lack one, Kross said. I can’t dislike this guy’s hustle, and I can’t hate his drive to confront himself to do things that others say are impossible.

Logan Paul WWE Contract

Wrestling fans around the world groaned earlier this year when social media icon Logan Paul was announced as The Miz’s tag team partner for WrestleMania. While Paul is a celebrity in his own right and is no stranger to sports as a professionally trained boxer, his performance in pro wrestling was unknown. To everyone’s astonishment, Paul managed to hold his own in the ring, putting on a rookie-worthy performance. The Miz and Paul even managed to defeat their opposition, Rey & Dominik Mysterio.


Now that Logan Paul has agreed to sign a WWE contract and will be making his WWE debut tonight on Raw, has announced their odds for Paul to succeed the WWE Championship before the year 2024. Bookmakers believe Paul has a 65.52 percent chance of getting a championship before 2024, with a 38.46 percent chance of not winning a championship. Paul would not be the first celebrity to win a WWE championship; in recent years, Bad Bunny and Rob Gronkowski have both won the 24/7 Championship.

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