Kate Hudson On Emulating Mother Goldie Hawn’s Career

Celebrity kids often have the pressure to emulate their famous parent’s careers. But this isn’t the case with Kate Hudson. She has a different take on emulating Goldie Hawn’s Hollywood career.

Kate Hudson is the daughter of Goldie Hawn & Bill Hudson. In an interview with E! News Kate opened up about how her family doesn’t believe in trying to fill in each other shoes but to focus on oneself. Kate says, ” Contrary to how I guess it seems from the outside in for me our family is much more focused on who we are as people.”

Kate believes in emulating the good but ” not necessarily wanting to carry on some of the challenges, like any child growing up in the world”. Goldie Hawn had a very successful career. She is obviously an academy award winner for best actress in a supporting role in “Cactus flower”.

Kate Hudson will not emulate her mother’s career. She praises her mom saying “she’s an original. She’s an icon.” And considers that the generation is different. She isn’t looking forward to emulating Goldie’s career but she does take inspiration and advice from her mother for motherhood and the qualities she brought to work. Kate likes to learn from Goldie Hawn how she manages to balance things as a mother and career-wise. For her, she thinks that’s important.

Kate Hudson & Kurt Russell’s Relation

Even though Kurt Russell ain’t the biological father of Kate Hudson, they do share a very special relationship. On this year’s father’s day, Kate Hudson shared a very sweet message for her stepdad. The image was a throwback picture of when Kate used to be a teenager. In the image, she is hugging her father tight. Even the fans of Hudson were touched by the photo, they spammed a lot of hearts in the comment section.


The caption of the image read, ” Fun, adventurous, passionate, determined, honest, devoted, amazing father and the best head of hair in Los Angeles! Lucky us! Love you Pa! Happy Father’s Day.”

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