Khloe Kardashian Reveals She Didn’t Accept Tristan Thompson’s Marriage Proposal

Khloe Kardashian wants to keep it straightforward and not give people false hopes. In the second episode of ‘The Kardashians’, Khloe revealed a secret she didn’t tell anyone.

Before this cheating scandal, Tristan Thompson had proposed to Khloe for marriage. But she didn’t accept the proposal as she already knows where they stand in this relationship and it wasn’t comfortable for her to say yes.

Kim asked Khloe why she didn’t let the family know about the proposal. Khloe didn’t feel very proud of where she and Tristan are in this relationship now. She wants to feel proud of anyone she gets engaged to. That’s why she turned down his proposal as she wasn’t comfortable accepting it. Neither she was excited enough to tell the family.

Khloe agrees that this was hurtful for Tristan to hear but she gave him the truth. She adds, ” I’m not ever gonna accept something and give someone false hope.”

The Good American founder wasn’t afraid to speak the truth even if it feels bad. Whereas Kim joked that she would have said yes so that the person doesn’t feel bad.


Khloe & Michele Morrone’s Viral Moment

At the Milan Fashion Week, Michelle had his hand on Khloe’s waist & they were kind of having a cozied-up moment with someone clicking a picture. Fans started speculating, about them dating each other. But seems like it was never so, and the internet just sparked unnecessary rumors.

Michelle Morrone’s rep has clarified why they had such a picture and have put an end to all the ignited rumors. The statement by Michelle Morrone’s rep was released to the People Outlet.

The 365 days star rep says that Dolce & Gabbana asked them to take a picture together at the Milan Fashion Week. Further adding to this, the rep says, ” Michele said she was very nice and that was the extent of it.”

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