Kim Ji Won, Lee Min Ki, Lee El, And Son Seok Gu Are Like A Ray Of Warm Sunshine In New JTBC Drama

JTBC’s upcoming Saturday-Sunday drama “My Liberation Diary” (literal translation) has released a new poster!

“My Liberation Diary” is about three siblings who want to escape their stifling lives and a mysterious outsider who comes to their town. Directed by Kim Seok Yoon (“Law School”) and written by Park Hae Young (“My Mister,” “Another Oh Hae Young“), it stars Kim Ji WonLee Min Ki, and Lee El as the three siblings Yeom Mi Jung, Yeom Chang Hee, and Yeom Ki Jung, and Son Seok Gu as the mysterious outsider Mr. Gu.

The newly released poster perfectly captures the drama’s quiet and heartwarming atmosphere. The four of them are in the subway, and the warm sunshine shines over them as it’s comforting them after a long day. Yeom Ki Jung has fallen asleep with her head on her brother Yeom Chang Hee’s shoulder. On the other hand, Yeom Mi Jung and Yeom Chang Hee are staring blankly ahead of them. Yeom Chang Hee looks bored and downcast, but there seems to be a spark of hope in Yeom Mi Jung’s face as a small, mysterious smile plays on her face. Mr. Gu, who is standing beside her, looks lost in thought as if he has found something in the distant landscape. The text on the poster reads, “Something good will happen to you today.”

The producers remarked, “The questions of life that everyone thought of at least once are melted into each character. Viewers will be able to relate to the lines and stories that feel as if they were the ones who have written them.”

“My Liberation Diary” premieres on April 9 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser here!


While waiting, watch Lee Min Ki “Beauty Inside“:


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