Kissht Banned – Separating Fact from Fiction

Reputation attacks are common in every industry. Rival companies, advertisers involved in predatory practices, anti-social elements, etc., try different tactics to gain or provide a competitive edge to someone else. Sometimes they create stories that contain no truth at all. In some cases, they leverage the situation to target the reputation of their competitors. People often spread such content to impact someone’s fastest-growing reputation. But, sometimes, it also happens that while sharing a fact from a second to a third source and so forth, people add some fiction to it from their side. And lastly, it becomes an entirely fabricated story that goes viral everywhere and creates misconceptions among customers about a legitimate brand.

Let’s discuss the case of Kissht, India’s leading digitally-enabled instant personal loan app. The platform is renowned for introducing the most comprehensive and newest fintech trends to enhance customer experience. If you have encountered rumours related to Kissht Banned or Crackdown somewhere on the web, perhaps you thought twice before believing them. However, some media sources put allegations on the app’s legitimacy at that time, and they didn’t even bother to present the truth later on when the entire truth came out. So, we’re here today to separate all the facts from fiction and help you understand what happened with India’s most trusted instant personal loan app.


An investigation conducted by MeitY to identify fraudulent Loan Apps

There are thousands of loan apps available on the Play Store. RBI constantly monitors if all these apps promote compliance and follow mandatory guidelines. A few months ago, RBI passed on information to MeitY to conduct a thorough check to investigate apps involved in suspicious activities and have links with China-operated conglomerates. During MeitY’s investigation, 232 apps were found guilty. The app’s name was among the 232 apps on which MeiTy decided to take action. Now, to further know the real story behind the gossip of Kissht Crackdown or banned, let’s get to point no. 2.


MeitY decided to take action against faulty apps.

When Meity found 232 apps involved in suspicious activities, they sent a brief report to the regulatory body and they immediately decided to ban all these apps. The Kissht app got banned erroneously as MeiTy officials found few apps having similar-sounding names as Kissht. All these apps were removed from the Play Store and prohibited from providing their services to Indian customers. The news was released by media everywhere and a false narrative of Kissht Banned or crackdown started to originate from there.




Kissht proved its innocence.

Kissht banned was all due to this misconception that began when a similar-sounding app led to the misbelief of Kissht Chinese. MeitY officials found no evidence of anything suspicious,

faulty, or misleading within Kissht which demonstrated that the platform was fully compliant

with RBI regulations.


As soon as MeitY officials verified Kissht & its legitimacy, they immediately lifted the ban.

However, despite this clarification, people continue to discuss rumours like Kissht Chinese,

unaware that Kissht’s name was included in the list due to similar-sounding app names.


The damage had already been done.

However, MeitY immediately revoked the ban on the Kissht app; this allowed anti-social elements to leverage unauthentic reports or fake Kissht news to mislead the audience and spread rumours regarding Kissht Crackdown. And as all media houses already shared the report, it got viral everywhere, and people started sharing it. Utilizing its innovative technology trends and tailored financial products and services, Kissht has built a strong reputation among Indian customers. People never think twice before sharing any report and do not even verify its authenticity.


Now, it becomes the customers’ responsibility to react only after assessing every report or story’s authenticity or complete truth on social media platforms. Consider what type of facilities and offers a legitimate platform like Kissht has provided to customers until now. Apps like Kissht are working seamlessly, and digital users can try their instant personal loan services without paying attention to rumours related to Kissht Banned. Apps like Kissht constantly focus on implementing innovation in their financial products or services. Explore user reviews and testimonials to verify their credibility. Check its exclusive loan products like instant personal loans of up to Rs. 5,00,000*. With a streamlined approval process, the platform quickly disburses loan amounts to the applicant’s bank account. It allows borrowers a maximum period of up to 36 months to repay the loan amount. Act sensibly and borrow responsibly to support and appreciate the efforts of legitimate platforms to promote financial inclusion in the country.




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