Knock On The Happiness Door (2020) Cast & Summary

Knock On The Happiness Door Poster
Knock On The Happiness Door Poster
Drama Info:

Title: Knock On The Happiness Door (幸福还会来敲门) Xing Fu Hai Hui Lai Qiao Men 
Episodes: 44 
Release Date: August 12, 2020 
Film Location: Suzhou 
Summary: The drama follows doctor Huang Zi Li after he experiences a double blow to his career and love life. He accidentally meets policeman Fang Yan and becomes of use to her in solving cases. Under Fang Yan’s guidance he slowly regains his confidence, steps out of the trough and pursues happiness once

Plot Synoposis:

Huang Zi Li’s life falls apart after he experiences blows to his career and love life. He goes through sorry and confusion and eventually becomes a frequent visitor at the police station. 

But in the end after all the struggles, he climbs through the face of hardship and adversity and shines brightly when faced with tough life decisions. He continues to care for the old and young his ex-wife leaves behind with him without any regrets.

Huang Zi Li transforms into a mature man who dares to take responsibility, and gains a strong affection and new love, finally achieving a new beautiful life.

The whole drama is full of comedy and warmth, expressing the values of life. The drama shows going through hardships and love, turning negative into positive energy of strength and beauty. It has significant reference on the current societal struggles of everyday life.

Cast & Characters:

Nie Yuan 聂远 as Huang Zi Li 黄自立

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A doctor. After experiencing a double blow in life to his career and love, he falls into a dark and depressed state. An accident helps him meet civilian police Fang Yan. With the help of Fang Yan, he regains his confidence, works hard in the face of difficult and adversity to pursue happiness once again.

Wu Jin Yan 吴谨言 as Fang Yan 方言

She comes from a family of police and is raised to be upright, kind, and capable. Fang Yan wanted to be a criminal police officer, but became a small police officer under the persuasion of her family. She is vigorous and competent, dislikes evil acts, and has a righteous, kind and soft heart. Fang Yan takes her work seriously; she is patient with the city’s responsible citizens and agile and merciless when encountering a local ruffian. After Huang Zi Li accidentally enters her life, she helps him regain his confidence and pursue happiness again.

Supporting Characters

Mao Jun Jie 毛俊杰 as Liu Man Yu 刘曼玉

Qian Yong Chen 钱泳辰 as Wang Jun Yi 王俊逸

He works at the same hospital as Huang Zi Li, but the two always butt heads. He disliked that Huang Zi Li was always better than him.

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Airing Schedule

Start: August 12, 2020 
Frequency: 2 episodes every Sunday to Friday, 1 episode on Saturday 
End: September 4,

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