Korean Citizen Gets Flooded With Calls After THE BOYZ’s Younghoon Accidentally Leaks Their Number

THE BOYZ‘s fans got into a little spot of issue recently after a Korean citizen was flooded with calls and texts after an oversight by member Younghoon. As Younghoon was conversing with fans through the messaging function on Universe, he accidentally leaked “his” phone number as a joke. Of course, the number he listed was not his number but one crafted based on THE BOYZ’s debut date. Unfortunately, the number was an existing one belonging to a regular citizen.

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Someone just now, LOL, sent “Younghoon-ah, I’m Lee Jaehyun, and I changed my phone. What was your number again??” My number is 010 **** ****

— Younghoon

He then quickly realized his oversight and asked fans not to call. Unfortunately, he had left quite a bit of time before realizing his mistake. During that time, people had already begun to make the calls.

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Ah, don’t call it really. I didn’t think it through… I’m sorry. Promise you won’t call.


— Younghoon

After receiving feedback from the actual owner of the number, a fan took to Twitter to ask other fans not to call the number. In an already deleted tweet, the fan shared some screenshots of the conversation they shared with the number owner.

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#RT Please stop using the phone number from THE BOYZ’s debut date. Please don’t use it when you send parcels too. The person using the number in real life said they are having a hard time due to too many texts and calls. Since Younghoon asked us not to call it either, please cooperate.

— Fan


The phone number owner had found a fan open chat on KakaoTalk for THE BOYZ and proceeded to tell fans about the situation.

| theqoo

| theqoo

| theqoo

My phone number is the same as THE BOYZ’s debut date, so… I get messages from all over the country about parcels. I already had eight people from Bundang call me, pranking me to say the number is theirs. Thanks to that, I found out who THE BOYZ are. Whenever fans send parcels to the company, they register my number as the sender. Yeah… You might not believe it, but this has been going on for two years.

— Phone number owner

In South Korea, when you send parcels, you have to register a phone number. Updates about the parcel are then sent to the number via text. Fans often use fake phone numbers to prevent their own identity from being leaked and may use numbers involving the idols’ debut dates or birthdays. Unfortunately, if the number is in existence, such situations may arise.

Thanks to fans’ quick spreading of information, hopefully, the phone number owner will not experience hardships due to this matter anymore.

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