Korean Fans Fiercely Divided Over 2PM Chansung’s Latest Tweet Hinting At Wedding Prep


Back in December 2021, 2PM‘s maknae member Chansung surprised fans with an announcement of his upcoming wedding and fatherhood.

2PM’s Chansung | @hwang_chan222/Instagram

While Chansung received great support and congratulations on pursuing that chapter of his life, the idea of marriage and parenthood remains unwelcome among Korean fans—especially when involving active K-Pop idols. Hence, following Chansung’s latest update on Twitter, Korean fans had some feelings emerge.

Oh wow, being at the living fair is exhausting… Whew. I walked for two hours.


— Chansung


In the tweet, Chansung shared that he went to the “Living Fair,” or the Seoul Living Design Fair 2022. To Koreans, this annual fair is well-known to be extremely popular among engaged and newly-wed couples who are, naturally, shopping for household items. The Seoul Living Design Fair, while not officially a “wedding fair” or a “baby fair,” has been dubbed a “must-do for newly-weds” for decades, since it showcases Korea’s hottest new interior designs.

Visitors waiting to enter the Seoul Living Design Fair 2022. | Design House

Assuming the tweet hints at his wedding preparation, some fans considered it “TMI” and even “inconsiderate.” These fans pointed out that the verified Twitter account, to which he shared the update, is “supposed to be for work, as in communicating with the fans about his work, and not for super personal updates” like how his wedding preparation is going.

| theqoo

  • “Chansung, I do congratulate you on finding love and getting married. But there is no reason to update me on every detail.”
  • “Just because people send you support does not mean people want to hear all about your wedding. Maybe text it to your friend next time.”
  • “How inconsiderate to his fans though.”
  • “Marriage and baby will 100% change life. He’ll have different priorities. It’s simply time to let him go.”
  • “I’m not saying idols can’t get married. I’m not saying he has to leave the group. I actually congratulate him on the wedding and baby. But I also think he can  at least try to separate work and personal matters.”
  • “I wish he would leave the group for the sake of everyone. He’s not a part of the agency anymore and he’s getting married. And he’s going to be a father. Like, does he want the fans to understand all of that and bless him for it?”

| theqoo

  • “On a verified official account? Wow.”
  • “Some fans don’t want to hear about it. Tweeting about it might have been inconsiderate, to say the least. Like… so what if you’re exhausted from walking two hours? That’s your life now. You’re getting ready for married life.”
  • “I don’t really understand the hate but I do know that for fans who spent time and money supporting him, this tweet might not have been the best update to get.”
  • “TMI.”
  • “Does he not see his fans anymore?”
  • “I’ve been a fan since 2PM’s debut. I’m seriously losing hope, though. This is not it, Chansung. Please.”
  • “I get that 2PM is a senior group. And I get that the members are literally old enough… but I don’t think that means they should start sharing life updates about wedding preps with fans.”

On the other hand, some fans celebrated the tweet and praised Chansung for being true to himself and his future wife.

Chansung (bottom right) with his 2PM teammates. | @hwang_chan222/Instagram

  • “Why is everyone so pissed, though? I love behind-the-scene updates like this. What a cute tweet. Wishing him the best!”
  • “I feel like the fans are the ones being inconsiderate right now. It’s his Twitter. He’s getting married. He has all the right to talk about his wedding prep. Freedom of speech. Be considerate, people.”
  • “So what, is he supposed to wait until he’s like 50 years old to talk about his personal life? Geez. What a joke.”
  • “He announced his wedding plans, though. There isn’t a single fan in this world who doesn’t know. So what’s the problem? Maybe he wanted to share a piece of his life with his fans. If you don’t like it, stop following. I don’t get why he’s getting slammed around like this for literally living his life.”
  • “What’s wrong with an engaged man saying he’s preparing for his wedding, though? If this pisses you off so much… It is time to stop stanning. Simple.”
  • “He’s old enough to be married, have a kid, settle down, form a family. I’m glad he decided to share the update with the fans who do care about how he’s preparing for this next chapter of his life. He has all my blessings.”

International fans also added to the debate, with most of them staying one hundred percent supportive of Chansung, congratulating him on putting the home together, and expressing sharp criticism toward the negativity from some of the Korean fans.

While the date is not known, Korean media have previously reported that Chansung’s wedding is likely to take place “sometime in early 2022.” And while his former agency JYP Entertainment claimed it “unverifiable,” Chansung’s fiancée is speculated to be eight years older than he is.

JYP Entertainment Responds To Reports That 2PM Chansung’s Fiancée Is 8 Years His Senior


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