Korean Netizens Praise TWICE’s Healthy And Fit Bodies

Netizens can’t get over how beautiful, healthy, and fit the TWICE members are!

TWICE | @tphamBU/Twitter

On February 15, TWICE kicked off their US tour with a concert at the Forum in Inglewood, California. The show marked the beginning of their first-ever OT9 tour in the United States.

| @stiqmavcut/Twitter

A Korean netizen made a post on theqoo to share photos from the concert and to show people just how fit the TWICE members look in real life.

| theqoo

The netizen shared photos that showed off the TWICE members’ toned arms, legs, and abs.

The netizen was shook by how fit and muscular all the members were.

Other netizens were just as amazed by how healthy and fit TWICE looked as the original poster was! They praised the members in the comment section of the post.

| theqoo

  • 337. Momo’s abs are serious business.
  • 338. Whoa, Jihyo… She has that hot summer girl vibe. Her aura is amazing.
  • 339. I… should go work out…
    340. Frickin’ LOOK at Jihyo’s muscles! Everyone looks hot AF. 😭😭😭
    341. Wow, they all must work out a lot. How cool.
    342. Whoa.

Just like these netizens, we can’t get over how healthy and beautiful all the TWICE members look!


Source: theqoo


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