Korean Netizens Worry That TWICE’s Jeongyeon Is Pushing Herself Too Hard On Tour

Korean netizens are commending TWICE’s Jeongyeon for working so hard to join the group on tour, but they also hope that she’s not pushing herself too hard.

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TWICE kicked off their US tour on February 15. Since Mina was absent for the TWICELIGHTS tour in 2019, III is the group’s first US tour with all nine members participating.

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Jeongyeon had been on hiatus due to a herniated disc and anxiety, so she did not participate in the III concerts in Seoul. Fans hoped to see her perform during the concerts in the United States, but they were willing to wait for her to return to the stage after she was completely healed.

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Although they were willing to wait for her, ONCEs were happy to see Jeongyeon take the stage with the other members, and they were so proud of her for making such a triumphant return to the stage. Her fellow TWICE members seemed overjoyed to have her on stage with them, too.


Korean netizens saw photos and videos of Jeongyeon performing on tour, and they were just as proud of her as US-based ONCEs were. However, they believed that Jeongyeon was in pain a few times during the concerts on February 15 and 16, and they were concerned that she may be pushing herself too hard.

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JYP Entertainment previously revealed that Jeongyeon had a herniated disc in her neck, but some Korean netizens mentioned thyroid issues in their comments on social networks. Neither Jeongyeon nor JYP Entertainment has ever said that Jeongyeon suffers from thyroid issues.

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  • Her health should be first.
  • Why doesn’t she rest until she’s fully recovered like Sayuriㅠㅠ what’s going to happen if her health gets worse
  • Regardless of whether she looks pretty, I can’t believe she’s performing when she’s in pain
  • I’ve only heard of it so I thought it was not a big deal. But someone close to me developed thyroid issues and their health decreased quickly. That’s when I realized thyroid issues were serious. She’s probably having a hard time performing with it
  • Stay strong Jeongyeon
  • Shouldn’t she be resting…?

Of course, Jeongyeon knows her body better than anyone, and she is capable of deciding for herself whether or not she’s ready to perform. We trust her to take great care of herself, and we are so proud of her!

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