Latest STRANGE Rumors About BLACKPINK Lisa: Breakup with Boyfriend, Dating Issue, and Leaving YG

The phenomenal rapper-dancer of BLACKPINK, Lisa, has reportedly been having a hard time after her recent “Crazy Horse” performance in Paris. Various strange rumors began emerging from Chinese and international media outlets along with the ones on social media discussing how BLACKPINK Lisa had broken up with her boyfriend after specific issues in her dating. Not only that, but more speculations emerged that BLACKPINK Lisa will be leaving YG after contract renewal failure. So, what really happened? Let us dive deep into the rumors surrounding the global superstar in the following report.

Strange Rumors Surrounding Lisa After “Crazy Horse” Performance – is She Leaving YG and BLACKPINK?

The controversy surrounding BLACKPINK Lisa and her “Crazy Horse” performance has reportedly escalated into various rumors.

Starting early this week, strange rumors emerged from Chinese media outlets and social media, discussing how the aftermath of the “Crazy Horse” performance has only affected BLACKPINK Lisa negatively.

Previously, BLACKPINK rapper-dancer Lisa participated as a guest performer at the Crazy Horse Cabaret show, Paris. The performance was phenomenal, and many global stars attended the show, including BLACKPINK Lisa’s rumored boyfriend, Frédéric Arnault.

However, this performance has apparently caused Lisa to face severe backlash from Chinese and Korean fans. And the influence of Chinese and Korean markets resulted in Lisa possibly losing her empire and tens of millions USD global worth. 


Boyfriend Frédéric Arnault Reportedly Ended the Dating Relationship with BLACKPINK Lisa – What Happened? 

The first strange rumor surrounding BLACKPINK Lisa is how she has reportedly broken up with her rumored boyfriend, Frédéric Arnault.


Since early this week, Chinese media outlet Sohu has posted articles about strange developments in the dating relationship between BLACKPINK Lisa and Frédéric Arnault. While some articles have now been removed from the site, the rumors have quickly spread among fans on social media.

According to the rumors, the controversy surrounding BLACKPINK Lisa and her “Crazy Horse” performance resulted in a ban on her name and activities in the Chinese market. Two of the luxury brands that feature Lisa as the ambassador reportedly deleted her photo from the Chinese social media account Weibo. The restrictions and backlash against BLACKPINK Lisa have reportedly affected her dating relationship with rumored boyfriend Frédéric Arnault.

Chinese media reported that Frédéric Arnault has been distancing himself from BLACKPINK Lisa even after their dating rumors have gone viral. Furthermore, there were various shocking speculations regarding this issue.

No Lisa on Frédéric Arnault’s Birthday

The first rumor that sparked the breakup between Lisa and Frédéric Arnault was regarding Frédéric’s birthday. Frédéric Arnault celebrated his 29th birthday on November 7. Since their dating rumors broke, the public has been anticipating whether BLACKPINK Lisa would fly to Paris and celebrate the birthday of her rumored boyfriend. 

However, no photos of BLACKPINK Lisa leaving or arriving at either airport existed. And no leaked images of Lisa spending time in Paris around the time.

Since birthdays are supposed to be something crucial, especially in a dating relationship, many assumed that BLACKPINK Lisa had broken up with rumored boyfriend Frédéric Arnault.

Dating and Business?

The next speculation was because Frédéric Arnault was reportedly dissatisfied with the “Crazy Horse” cabaret show. Since this show was an essential event that blends the double power of the fashion and entertainment industries, Frédéric’s alleged dissatisfaction as the third son of the global LVMH group represents the reaction of the whole family. 

Then, the rumor became apparent after the second rumor emerged. According to various Chinese media, Frédéric Arnault had been planning to expand his business to China. Therefore, the Chinese market’s ban on BLACKPINK Lisa has affected this plan. 

Not only that, but the two luxury brands that removed Lisa’s photo from their Chinese social media, Weibo, accounts were CELINE and BVLGARI. These two luxury brands are part of the LVMH group, which Frédéric Arnault’s family owns.

According to the reports, since the “Crazy Horse” controversy broke, Lisa has been losing attention from the Asian market. This loss has apparently affected the LVMH business, as they will most likely suffer a massive drop in the same market for the next few months.

Due to this issue, more outrageous rumors emerged that Frédéric Arnault was dating BLACKPINK Lisa to take advantage of her massive influence in the Asian market, which would support his business plans. But since the “Crazy Horse” scandal had negatively affected BLACKPINK Lisa, the rumored boyfriend decided to break up with her.

Still, these outrageous rumors are merely speculations since both Lisa and Frédéric Arnault have not released official statements.

BLACKPINK Lisa and rumored boyfriend, Frédéric Arnault. | Twitter
BLACKPINK Lisa and rumored boyfriend, Frédéric Arnault. | Twitter

More Backlash and Failed Contract Renewal Speculations – Is She Really Leaving YG?

Following the dating issues, Lisa also faces rumors of failed contract failure, which eventually leads her to leaving YG and BLACKPINK.

Korean Fans Demand Lisa Leaving BLACKPINK and Shed Her “Kpop” Title

Since the “Crazy Horse” controversy, Korean netizens have been heavily criticizing Lisa as well. They believed that the performance was not something appropriate for a Kpop idol. Therefore, if Lisa wanted to keep doing such performances, Korean netizens demanded Lisa to shed her “Kpop idol” title and leave BLACKPINK.

  • Her performance was too bold and really damaged Kpop’s image. It’s not something you’d expect from Korean idols.
  • Korean idols should take this as a reminder to rely on their talent, not shocking acts, to get noticed. Like Hwasa, they should use their singing, not their looks, to stand out.
  • It’s hard to believe a well-known idol would do something like a striptease performance.
  • Lisa’s actions have seriously hurt BLACKPINK’s chances in China. Despite YG’s efforts to prevent it, her participation in that show has led to big financial losses. Think about lost income from concerts, album sales, and big brand deals. Lisa’s actions not only affect YG but the whole K-pop scene. Other idols might apologize for such scandals, but Lisa seems unapologetic, even suggesting she’d do more mature shows.
  • Both Jennie and now Lisa have been involved in some edgy content. They’re already famous for great music, so it’s confusing why they’d do this.
  • People have been saying she should leave BLACKPINK since she started dating that CEO.
  • There’s a call to stop bringing in foreign trainees and to focus on all-Korean groups, like BTS.
  • There are harsh words for her to leave the country, accusing her of giving BLACKPINK a bad image.
  • Lisa is often seen as the issue, with suggestions for YG to either remove her or start a new group.

Is Lisa Really Leaving YG and BLACKPINK?

Because of these strong demands from Korean netizens, the public assumed that BLACKPINK Lisa would possibly not renew her contract, leaving YG altogether.

However, YG’s official advertisement account @ygad_official finally posted a photo of Lisa’s advertisement with CELINE. Does this mean that Lisa will NOT be leaving YG and BLACKPINK and renew her contract? Stay tuned for more updates.

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