Leave Me Not (2021) Cast & Summary

“Leave Me Not”, “Must You Go?” or “Are You Leaving?” is a music fantasy romance web drama based on a webtoon. It is one of the numerous adaptations of 2021 (check the lineup of webtoons to be adapted into drama in 2021 here).

FANTASY and N.Fia will be especially interested in this web drama as SF9’s Chani and N.Flying’s Lee SeungHyub are the lead male actors along with rookie actress Park JungYeon.

Chani is known for his solid acting skills. He acted in the popular dramas “Signal” and “SKY Castle”. This year he made a guest appearance in “Once Again” and the upcoming drama “True Beauty”. Many are looking forward to his new project.

Rookie actress Park JungYeon is a former SM trainee. In 2019, she joined KeyEast and has acted in “Hi Bye, Mama” and “Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny”. As for Lee SeungHyub, he has also acted in plenty of dramas and web dramas including “Best Chicken”, “All-Boys High”, and “Big Picture House”.

The web drama will be available on Seezn and the channel SKY TV.

Leave Me Not (2021)


  • Title: Leave Me Not  / Must You Go?/ Are You Leaving?  / Gasiriisgo / 가시리잇고
  • Director: Im JaeKyung
  • Writer: Lee SeoJun and Park SunJae, webtoon by Park SunJae and RaHee
  • Network: Seezn, SKY TV
  • Runtime: From Feb. 26 on Seezn / From March 5 on SKY TV
  • # of Episodes: 8
  • Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Music
  • Language: Korean


 It is a music fantasy romance drama about the love and dreams of young people in their 20s with a focus on Park Yeon, one of the three musical geniuses of Korea who comes from the past, Min YooJung, a modern girl who is busking, Lee Won a musician in the past century and currently a popular idol, and DoYoung an oracle in the past century and currently head of an entertainment agency.

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SF9 ‘s Chani as Park Yeon

He is one of the three musical geniuses of Korea who comes from the past. 27 years old.

He is kind and pure. He never lies and love is important to him.

Park JungYeon as Min YooJung

She is a girl living in the present who is busking. 25 years old. She is talented in singing and has a beautiful voice, people surrounding her have kept on encouraged her to go to auditions, but she did not go always coming up with some excuses.

Due to her difficult background, she had to drop out of school and do a lot of part-time jobs. Since elementary school, she has been taking care of herself.

N.Flying ‘s Lee SeungHyub as Lee Won

He is a musician in the past century and currently a popular idol. 24 years old.

He is a top vocalist who has determination for his work. He has reached the top with effort and not with natural talents.

LUNARSOLAR ‘s JiAn as Jung DoYoung

She remembers all her previous lives. She is the secret head and planning director of JM entertainment agency. She is 23 years old. She knows about Park Yeon’s secret.

Poster & Teaser

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About The Webtoon

The webtoon “Are You Leaving?” (in Korean “가시리잇고”) was written by Park SunJae and RaHee. You can read the webtoon in Korean here and here in English.

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