Lee Jong Suk Expresses His Desires To Take “Husband Classes” To Prepare Himself For Marriage

Actor Lee Jong Suk is officially back and in action! The handsome actor was discharged from his mandatory military enlistment January 2021 and has been slowly getting back into the acting industry. With his upcoming K-Drama series Big Mouth premiere, the actor has been busy promoting his return and what better way than with a magazine pictorial?

Lee Jong Suk | @jongsuk0206/Instagram

Lee Jong Suk sat down with ELLE Korea for an “Ask Me Anything” interview, where he answered all types of questions for his fans and viewers. To kickstart the interview, the actor answered a fan’s question, “are you still fencing as a hobby?” 

Fencing was a new hobby that I found after a long time. Unfortunately, I hurt the ligaments in my knees, which were already in bad condition, during the filming of my drama. With that, I realized I need to find a new hobby, which was a bit of a bummer. I’m going to find a workout that focuses more on my upper body.

— Lee Jong Suk


It was the following question, however, that has started to make headlines all over the nation. When the Big Mouth actor was asked, “if you could rest for a long time, what would you do?” Lee Jong Suk answered that he would want to take “husband (groom) classes.” He shared in detail why he wants to prep himself for marriage while also revealing his deepest desires for having his own family.


Husband class. When I look back on the interviews I did back in my 20’s, I often said I wanted to get married when I was young and still at my peak. I’m now at an age where marriage is no longer a weird thing, so I would want to prep myself by taking a husband class if I got an opportunity to rest for a long time.

I’ve always had a dream of having my own family for a long time. For my future wife, I would want to learn how to cook or how to give good massages. I also believe I could learn valuable lessons to create a happy family in the future.

— Lee Jong Suk

Along with that, Lee Jong Suk discussed his ideal type in detail when he was asked, “if god could grand you one wish, what would it be?”

To find me my ideal type. I would like god to show me who my future wife will be. Now that I’ve become older, I am definitely thinking about these things more seriously. Whenever I would be asked about my ideal type in the past, I would answer the questions vaguely. Now, I want to be more clear by saying, ‘I want to marry this type of person.’

I would want someone who is wise, strong-minded, someone I can respect, and most of all, someone who is cute. It’s not easy though.

— Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk didn’t hold anything back during his interview with ELLE Korea, as he revealed the very reasons why he always thinks of his first love “during hard times.”

For me, I think about my first love. There isn’t really a specific ‘why’ but rather, it’s become a habit. She just comes to mind here and there, out of the blue. She reminds me of my youthful and refreshing times that were still passionate.

— Lee Jong Suk

We already loved everything about Lee Jong Suk and this interview only made us love him more! You can check out the actor’s entire ELLE Korea interview down below!

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