Lee Sang Woo, AOA’s Hyejeong, Myung Se Bin, And More Cast In New Mystery Thriller Film

Lee Sang Woo, AOA’s Hyejeong, Myung Se Bin, Kwon Hyuk, Lee Do Yun, and Yoo Da Mi have been cast in the new film “The Hotel.”

“The Hotel” (literal title) is a mystery thriller film about a group of people who gather at a hotel, each of them for reasons of their own.

Lee Sang Woo has been cast as Mister Yoon, the mysterious general manger of the hotel. This is Lee Sang Woo’s first return to the big screen in 13 years. AOA’s Hyejeong has been cast as Ho Eun, a suspicious woman who seeks out the hotel in order to perfect her writing. Myung Se Bin has been cast as Lee Jung Eun, a woman who comes to the hotel for a break after finding out about her husband’s affair. She is also determined to raise her daughter as a brilliant ballerina at all costs.

Kwon Hyuk has been cast as Seung Hoon, a man who comes to the hotel in search of a former friend who ran away with all his savings. Lee Do Yun has been cast as Mi Na, Jung Eun’s daughter, who started ballet because of her mom and now hates it with her whole heart. Yoo Da Mi has been cast as the neat and capable associate manager of the hotel.

“The Hotel” is scheduled to begin filming on April 4.


Check out Lee Sang Woo in “Uncle” below!

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