Lee Sun Bin, Jung Eun Ji, Han Sun Hwa, And Choi Siwon Channel Their Inner Gatsby In “Work Later, Drink Now 2” Moving Posters

“Work Later, Drink Now” Season 2 has returned with new and very extra posters!

Based on a popular webtoon, “Work Later, Drink Now” tells the story of three women whose life philosophies revolve around having a drink after getting off of work. Lee Sun Bin stars as television writer Ahn So Hee, Han Sun Hwa plays yoga instructor Han Ji Yeon, and Jung Eun Ji plays origami YouTuber Kang Ji Goo.

After releasing a chaotic teaser the day before on November 9, Lee Sun Bin, Jung Eun Ji, and Han Sun Hwa brought even more anticipation to the drama’s premiere with a poster parody of the movie “The Great Gatsby” along with four moving posters of the main cast members.

In the group poster, Ahn So Hee, Han Ji Yeon, and Kang Ji Goo are dressed in sleek suits while holding luxurious champagne glasses, looking at the camera directly with the city night full of fireworks in the background. The message above them reads, “Here’s looking at you, cheers!”


On the other hand, the moving posters let viewers feel the unique charms and individualities of each character even more. Ahn So Hee exudes a laid-back vibe, while Han Ji Yeon is full of flirty winks and a rather seductive smile.

Meanwhile, Kang Ji Goo oozes charisma, being the only one whose shirt is left slightly unbuttoned, paired with a messy bowtie. Kang Book Goo (Choi Siwon) also joins and shows off his presence, boasting an uncanny resemblance to “The Great Gatsby” himself. Curiosity is rising as to what kind of chaotic events the four will present in Season 2 of the highly-anticipated drama.

“Work Later, Drink Now 2” will premiere on December 9 through TVING.

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