Lee Young Ae to Become a Dedicated Housewife in New Korean Drama

Prominent actress Lee Young Ae, previously skyrocketing with her role as Dae Jang Geum in “Jewel in the Palace”, will showcase a dedicated housewife character in a new Korean drama, “Eun Soo Good Day”. So, what is the new Korean drama about, and what kind of character story will she portray this time? Check out the following report and full discussion for a better understanding of the new Korean drama.

Lee Young Ae to Star in New Korean Drama, “Eun Soo Good Day”

The legendary Dae Jang Geum of “Jewel in the Palace” Lee Young Ae will soon make another grand return to the small screen.

On August 14, JTBC’s exclusive report revealed that actress Lee Young Ae would take on the lead role of a new Korean drama, “Eun Soo Good Day”. An entertainment insider told JTBC that the production team had chosen the renowned actress as the main character of the new drama. 

“Lee Young Ae had been cast as the main character of ‘Eun Soo Good Day’.” ­­

– an entertainment insider.

Prominent actress Lee Young Ae to return in a new Korean drama. | Pinterest
Prominent actress Lee Young Ae to return in a new Korean drama. | Pinterest

“Eun Soo Good Day” is an exciting new production by Baram Pictures. It tells the story of a dedicated housewife in her 40s who has been living and taking care of her sick husband. Until one day, she accidentally picks up drugs on the street.


Under the creative minds of director Park Hyun Suk, what kind of adventure Lee Young Ae will encounter in the new Korean drama? After all, the director previously delivered the most dramatic touches in a wide variety of excellent projects, including “The Princess’s Man”, “Uncontrollably Fond,” and “Strangers 2”.


Therefore, it is exhilarating to see the kind of synergy between the two legends.

Did She Accept the Role?

Finally, did Lee Young Ae accept the offer to star in “Eun Soo Good Day” new drama? And if she did, when is the approximate release date for the Korean drama?

Unfortunately, the prominent actress has yet to confirm the details of her appearance for “Eun Soo Good Day”.

On August 14, Korean media outlet OSEN reported that the agency’s representative simply stated that Lee Young Ae had indeed received the new drama offer. And she is now reviewing the offer positively.

“Lee Young Ae has received an offer to star in ‘Eun Soo Good Day’, and she is currently reviewing the offer positively.”

 Lee Young Ae’s agency.

In the meantime, the renowned Dae Jang Geum actress is now working on an ongoing project, “Maestra”, which will premiere in December.

So, do you think Lee Young Ae will suit the housewife role in “Eun Soo Good Day”? Please give us your opinion in the comment sections. And stay updated with K-entertainment latest news on Kpoppost Instagram, Threads, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram channel.

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