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I’ve been watching Legend Of Awakening for the past month or so and am really enjoying it so far. It’s a youth wuxia drama and follows six youths as they embark on their journey throughout jianghu. It’s led by Chen Fei Yu, Xiong Zi Qi, and Cheng Xiao. Here’s my Legend Of Awakening review below!

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Episode 1

Okayyy, first ep meant lots of characters and faces, lots of names, lots of sects, and a lot of confusion LOL. There’s definitely some power struggle happening between the different sects and I will need to watch more to slowly dissect who’s who and who’s good vs bad. There’s still more to understand with Lu Ping and Su Tang’s background and why they were imprisoned during their youth (along with what Shan Hai Lou has done to them). Also, I don’t really understand Qin Sang’s character yet and who she’s chasing after. So all in all, I’m still pretty confused about each character’s motives and how they work together but I’ll definitely be watching more to find out!

As for the good, I love Lu Ping’s carefree attitude. He pretends to be lazy but he’s actually really skilled and I’m loving the brother-sister affection between him and Su Tang. Chen Fei Yu naturally has a nonchalant look to his facial features and it works very well here! I’m sad that everyone’s dubbed, it sounds kinda odd. I think from the book there’s less romance but it looks like the drama will add in the romance part between him and Qin Sang. I’m hoping they keep the bromance between him and Xi Fan and make it a key part to the drama! The plot is moving pretty quickly so far and there’s a lot of moving parts between each character and their movements. Time to watch some more to figure out what’s happening!

Episode 2

Okay so there’s a lot more clarity now by the second episode. Shan Hai Lou is the bad sect – they captured Lu Ping and locked in his six souls by putting chains on him. He wants to find Wen Ge Cheng, who he believes is the masked man that saved him from Shan Hai Lou.

LOL at the almost kiss between Xi Fan and Lu Ping. I wonder what Xi Fan’s back story is. I’m not too into Cheng Xiao’s acting right now – she always looks like she’s pouting to be honest. Lu Ping and Su Tang are really sweet, from them being imprisoned at Shan Hai Lou to them now, they are always taking care of one another.

Episode 3

A new character, Mo Lin, is introduced! LOL he’s so funny. He’s the number one assassin but he’s actually super clumsy. Everytime he tries to capture Lu Ping he fails. It’s so funny watching his attempts. Damn, Lu Ping has impressive knot tying skills – where did he learn that ahaha.

Oouuf, plot is moving so fast already! Xing Lou came after them and Lu Ping and Qin Sang hiding under the bed made my heart beat so much as the bad guy sliced into it. Su Tang is also pretty cunning for coming and helping out at the last minute.

Episode 4

Awwh Lu Ping instinctively covered Qin Sang when Xing Lou was attacking, though it’s actually a pretty dumb move. LOL Mo Lin’s so lucky, he killed the male just like that! What a lucky arrow ahahaha. Damn the fight scene between Lu Ping, Xi Fan, and Xing Lou was really intense. Does Su Tang have power too? She doesn’t really use it but she has the “force soul” it looks like. Lu Ping at the end of the day cares for everyone and steps out to help all the other disciples from danger even though he knew he was injured already.

Shi Fu acts clueless but you can tell he’s not. He kept Lu Ping at Zhai Feng all these years to protect him and knows Lu Ping is injured but doesn’t want help so Shi Fu finds other ways to help him by using Xi Fan. I’m curious to know more about Shi Fu and why he pretends to be hazy all the time when he’s actually very smart and powerful!

Episode 5 – 6

How come Mo Lin was willing to help unlock Lu Ping’s suppressed powers? I hope they succeed. Can’t wait to see Lu ping powerful! This episode was a lot more tamer and on the talking side until the end of the ep when they enter the tower to pass the tests. Zi Fan is so righteous and helps Lu Ping even though Lu Ping doesn’t want it. Mo Lin provides such comedic relief LOL by using medicine to swell Wei Tian Qi’s hand.

Wow look at the gang come together at last! It’s their first time together stuck in the tower. Shi Fu then kicks Lu Ping out of Zhai Feng to protect him. I’m not a fan of how they keep doing good things to each other but put on a bad front.

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Episode 7

Shi Fu is so skilled! Why does he have to put up a front of being silly? I’m having a hard time understanding Zi Fan and why he doesn’t want to leave Zhai Feng. He has a lot of ego and is self righteous and I guess he doesn’t think he’s worth it to leave Zhai Feng and go to the Dian Po Da Hui? Aww Lu ping making a wheelchair for him is so sweet! And shit, Xing Lou didn’t die and tells Shan Hai Lou about Lu Ping’s whereabouts! Wen Ge Cheng turns out to be just an official in the palace. Aw Qin Sang cares about Lu Ping and wants him to break the chains! Oooh who’s the mystery drunk girl? Is she the sixth member of the main cast?

Episode 8

Drunk girl is such a boss!! She’s actually Chu min, the new Shi Fu they’re seeking. Ahh finally a sweet moment between Lu Ping and Qin Sang! He called her silly and rubbed the ash off her face. She also cares about him and came to give him money!

I’m extremely interested in Chu Min and Shi Fu’s back story. Both drink to things related to the past. LOL poor Mo Lin eating all that congee! He’s so funny.

Oooh the Zhan Po scene is really cool, LOL they were spinning so much! And Qin Sang and her servant Ling Zi Yan enters it with them too damn! Got exciting and then they ended the ep, wahhh.

Episode 9

Oh shit so Zhan Po is some dark magic and they lose their senses until they can break out of it. Ugh Luo Ting is so annoying, he’s just one of those jerk characters in dramas. Yes, Su Tang is the first one who’s able to break out of it when she saw Mo Lin was in trouble! So cute. Each one of them are slowly breaking out of the Zhan Po. Yeees Lu Ping and Qin Sang are successful too. They’re able to Tu Po at the most dangerous moment. Thank god everyone was able to Tu Po before getting caught, such a close call!

Episode 10

The four of them get a new Shi Fu – Chu Min! Xi Fan has issues with his Tu Po because he got interrupted halfway. Aww they all care about him and want to help. LOL at Lu Ping laying all the way down so Xi Fan and Su Tang can’t see him. Heh Lu Ping came to find Qin Sang! He realizes he’s able to Tu Po because he was thinking about her. He also bought her a gift hehe, it’s cute that the drama mixes in some romance.

Dian Po Da Hui time! Su Tang is such a badass! She carried the contestant with the weights! Oh shit so I was skeptical about Wen De Cheng but it looks like it really is him who saved them! Ahhh Chen Fei Yu’s acting was great, slowly crying wIth one tear drop at a time! What a great scene between savior and captor.

Episode 11

Awww Qin Sang is wearing the dress Lu Ping got her! So cute hehe. They finally get their first romantic scene as they watch the stars together and Lu Ping “gifts” her the starry night. Lu Ping is so gentle here, it’s really different than how he usually is. I love how he keeps staring at her instead of the stars. Noo it turned bittersweet as he says goodbye to her while she sleeps after drinking too much.

Aw Xi Fan used his jade to exchange new uniforms for Zhai Feng. He’s such a big brother. And the new uniforms look so good, compared to the beggar rags that they were in for all the eps before!

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Episode 12

I don’t get why Qin Sang doesn’t let Lu Ping go unlock his chains, it’s for the better! Aww they ended up holding hands hehe! But yes, Lu Ping to the rescue for Zhai Feng! Okay so even though they were in danger he had time to wear the new uniform before heading over LOL. Damn Lu Ping looked so heroic leading the group to the stage and waving the Zhai Feng flag for victory.

Finally, we get a back story on Lu Pin and his time at Shan Hai Lou. Oh never mind, he tells Xi Fan and Mo Lin that he and Su Tang just escaped, stuff we already know LOL. Aww Qin Sang cares for Lu Ping too and went to find Wen Ge Cheng to figure out what really happened. I love seeing the gang all together, with Qin Sang and Zi Yan too! A happy peaceful moment around the camp fire amidst all the fight and blood.

Omg what Shi Fu was the assassin at the restaurant against Wen De Cheng and Wei family? That was such a shock! But why? He’s a part of Shan Hai Lou? WHAT?!

Episode 13

The fight between Lu Pin and Qin Sang at the Dian Po Da Hui is so pretty. Shit Zi Yan steps out to help Lu Ping and was able to escape Qin Sang’s 流光飞舞 sword technique. Damn so it’s pretty obvious Zi Yan likes Lu ping and now they’re fighting over her life and death! Lu Ping and Qin Sang look like they’re dancing during the competition, they make such a great pair. I love how he calls her 傻瓜. How does Lu Ping keep sneaking into Qin manor? Ooouf so romantic, writing together. I love how he’s just staring at her while she writes out the words.

Lu Ping doubts his Shi Fu to be part of Shan Hai Lou because I think he still has some feelings for him after so many years of being teacher and student and doesn’t want to kill him. Ahh Lu Ping sees the nail in Shi Fu’s shoulder and knows he was the assassin! But why?!! Wowww that was some killer acting between Lu Ping and Shi Fu when they use the fox and farmer metaphor.

Episode 14

Oh crap okay so Wen Ge Cheng is part of Shan Hai Lou and not Shi Fu! Omg that was such a freaking plot twist! I screamed as Wen Ge Cheng’s nail hit Lu Ping’s body. Wow, Wen Ge Cheng is such an actor, hiding his true identity for such a long time so he can gain Lu Ping’s trust.

HOLY CRAP that was an amazing episode! It was such a story within a story and there was so much action and excitement, my eyes didn’t leave the screen. From thinking Shi Fu is part of Shan Hai Lou to then finding out that it’s really Wen Ge Cheng to then thinking Shi Fu is dead! There were so many twists to this episode holaaay. I love Yan Xi Fan as big brother and his mantrat that Zhai Feng won’t leave anyone behind.

Episode 15

What how come Qin Qi wants to kill all of them? He doesn’t want the Qin name to be tampered by the relationship with Wen Ge Cheng but that doesn’t mean he has to resort to killing. Whaaaat Zi Yan’s dead?! I thought she’s supposed to be with Xi Fan! Who’s the masked man? Shi Fu? He always comes at the most critical moment!

So smart of Lu Ping getting Qin Qi to head to Wei manor to fight against Shan Hai Lou on behalf of them. That way they can save Wei Tian Qi and use him to save Zhai Feng disciples. Omg so many action scenes as Shan Hai Lou comes to Zhai Feng and attacks. And ahhh so the masked black figure dao is really Shi Fu!

Episode 16

Oh man there’s so many feelings towards Shi Fu – gratitude, resentment, mystery. It was such a touching scene between Lu Ping and Shi Fu as Shi Fu passes. I was crying the entire time. Shi Fu helped hide him for three years, saved him out of Shan Hai Lou, and has done so much for Lu Ping. And Lu Ping couldn’t move the entire time and just had tears streaming down his face, oh so touching as they relived the memories between the two!

Holy shit Xi Fan’s father Yan Qiu Ci makes an appearance! Time for him to head home! And we find out that Zi Yan’s not dead! Damn Shi Fu managed to save her too. What is Lu ping doing now? Why is he ring fighting? Where’d he go? Ahhh need more eps!

Episode 17

Ooouf Chen Fei Yu fighting is so attractive. He’s so calm and composed. Ahhh Yan Qiu Ci knows of Guo You Dao and calls him 四师弟! What’s their real identities and what’s Lu Ping’s heritage? Everyone knows of him as that little one, his parents must have a lot of influence.

Oh shit Xi Fan is pretending to be bad to be able to get into Shan Hai Lou and get his revenge! Poor Lu Ping he looked so sad when Xi Fan plunged his sword into him. Xi Fan successully enters Shan Hai Lou, I hope he’ll be okay!

Chu Min is such a bad ass! So we finally discover she’s a part of the Bei Dou sect! She’s Yao Guang Feng Feng Zhu, one of origianl seven leaders of Bei Dou!

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Episode 18 – 19

It’s Shi Fu, but not! It’s Guo Wu Shu, Shi Fu’s twin brother! Damn I see that of the seven disciples stars only 4 of them are lit. There’s Chu Min, Shi Fu’s is lit because of Lu ping, Yan Qiu Ci, who else? Ugh Zi Yan! She likes Lu Ping and doesn’t want Qin Sang to know he’s alive, she’s so selfish. LOL I thought we were done with Wei Tian Qi but he keeps coming back! And now he’s come under the training of Guo Wu Shu.

Yay Qin Sang finds out Lu Ping is alive! No one can stop them from being together. Her smile is so cute as she heads towards Bei Dou! Shit Lu Ping took down his Shi Fu’s star and at the same time loses all of his 魄之力. What now? Maybe Shi Fu wanted him to start from zero to properly break free of his chains.

Ahh poor Lu Ping, he has to start from the bottom again without all his powers. Su Tang and Mo Lin are headed to Bei Dou too! Yikes such bad timing! Qin Sang listens to Zi Yan confess to Lu Ping but he rejects Zi Yan. Also, I love Chu Min so much! She’s so funny as she babysits the kiddies.

Episode 20

Awwwh Lu Ping and Qin Sang finally meet and it’s so cute. Lu Ping is so sweet with hugging her from behind and saying sweet things to her. It’s so nice to see them together on screen again. And now she’s helping him train his hearing power! And she brought him desserts! Omg so cute as they share the dessert.

Lu Ping’s successful in retrieving the Chu Jiao Lian Ying! I loved his smile at the end when he was able to retrieve the weapon! And it looked like a few of his chains broke – i wonder how many he has left to break free of? Shi fu is actually such a mastermind, he planned everything out after dying! He binded Lu Ping’s po zhi li so Lu Ping could work on his min zhi po and that would help him retrieve the Chu Jiao Lian Ying. Damn Shi Fu, always one step ahead! So smart!

Episode 21

The actor for Guo You Dao and Guo Wu Shu is so amazing! He’s very talented. Hmmm I wonder if Leng Ge Zhu is Lu Ping’s father?

Yaaay Su Tang reunites with Lu Ping. It’s so cute when she hugs him and he calls her little sister. Hmm will Xu Wei Feng be Mo Lin’s romance rival? He’s getting a lot of screen time LOL. Poor Mo Lin as he watches Su Tang being sweet with Xu Wei Feng haha. But there’s definitely something a little sketch about him. I have a feeling he’s part of Shan Hai Lou!

Oh shit Lu Ping falls into Shan Hai Lou’s trap! Xi Fan is already being controlled by them. Oh no, Xi Fan’s gone to the dark side.

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Episode 22

Finally we get to know Lu Ping’s heritage! He really is the son of Leng Ge Zhu, Leng Xiu Tan. Shao Yin Chu is Lu Ping’s mother, another disciple of Bei Dou. And Qin Sang helps to clarify that his third chain broke, three more to go. Why did Chu Min and Guo You Dao not tell Lu Ping about his parents? Everyone seems to have their own hidden agenda.. Yan Qiu Ci told Lu Ping his background so he’ll help save Xi Fan and hate Bei Dou for hiding the truth.

LOOL I loved that exchange between Lu Ping, Qin Sang, and Qin Qi. As Mo Lin says it to Su Tang “你哥,你哥的女人,你哥女人的哥.” It’s so humorous as Qin Qi gives Lu Ping attitude and Lu Ping just takes it with quick remarks while Qin Sang looks at Lu Ping lovingly.

Episode 23 – 24

LOL how does Lu Ping always sneak in to visit Qin Sang? He’s so skilled at sneaking past everyone ahaha. YEP I CALLED IT Xu Wei Feng is part of Shan Hai Lou!! Ahh he’s working with them to ruin the negotiations and help Tan province.

Ugh I hate how Xi Fan has gone bad. Chen Fei Yu looks good even when he’s bloodied up LOL. His eyes carry so much emotion! Yay Bei Dou finally came and saved Lu Ping, even Li Yao Tian helped LOL. But welp just like that Lu Ping willingly lets himself get captured. It’s so back and forth they might as well not have done anything aha.

Episode 25

Aww Mo Lin’s back to rescue Su Tang. Su Tang is so smart, using her blood to help Mo Lin find her! Lu Ping escapes danger once again and defeats Xu Wei Feng! He’s too smart for all of them! I wonder when Xi Fan woke up from the disillusion and came to his senses. Yep I totally guessed it, it was during their fight in the room where Xu Tian Bing was killed. It’s cool how Lu Ping used the Chui Jiao Lian Ying to wake up Xi Fan from Shan Hai Lou’s control. Also I did not expect Xu Wei Feng to kill himself, but I guess he didn’t want to be in jail and be useless.

LOL Lu Ping has time to be a matchmaker too ahahaha pushing Zi Yan and Xi Fan together. I love the interactions between him and Qin Qi. There’s grudge and attitude from Qin Qi’s side but Lu Ping is always so playful and jokes around. Qin Sang was hiding behind too LOL waiting for her brother to let her explore with Lu Ping.

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50 Legend Of Awakening

Episode 26

Deng En Xi who plays Su Tang is such a good actor! I like her a lot more than Cheng Xiao. Her scenes with Lu Ping are so genuine. But Lu Ping and Qin sang’s CP scenes are pretty decent and sweet too. He looks at her really adoringly and she has so much respect and love for him. Aww such a happy moment for the six of them watching fireworks before some bad happens again.

Ah SHIT finally the real Shan Hai Lou Lou Zhu comes out! And it’s freaking Liu Song, the 6th disciple of Bei Dou that they all thought died, holy shit! He fully went rogue.

Episode 27 – 28

Damn so Liu Song is actually the Prince of Dan province and went to Bei Dou as an undercover. I really felt for Chu Min as she finds out the truth about Liu Song and feels the past 19 years of mourning was a lie.

Ugh Lu Ping and Xi Fan are in a cold war again with one another. They seem to just not be able to understand each other’s position. Zi Yan’s gonna head to Wu Ji Shan Zhuang with Xi Fan! Heh Lu Ping finally goes to visit Qin Sang! LOL she threw the dress out because she was mad he didn’t visit but then felt bad and it disappeared since he picked it up. And sheesh Lu Ping asks Qin Qi for Qin Sang’s hand in marriage! Did not expect that!

Awwwh Lu Ping treats Qin Sang so nicely, all he wants is for her to be happy and safe. Ahhh no they got interfered from kissing! When will they have their first kiss! I really hope they get the happy ending and end up with one another. Awwwh also Guo Wu Shu is so nice to Su Tang and takes her under his wing.

Episode 29

Oh shit LOL Xu Wei Feng didn’t die, now that was a surprise! Holy crap Shan Hai Lou set a trap to kill Bi Xia and Liu Song makes another appearance. Ahhh so intense! Chu Min and Liu Song finally see each other after so many years. She hesitates to kill him and he doesn’t kill her either.

Su Tang is too nice, she shouldn’t forgive Xu Wei Zhou and trust him! He hasn’t changed and won’t ever be good. I feel so bad for Mo Lin, he must feel so hurt seeing Su Tang pine after Xu Wei Zhou. Hehe it was so cute seeing Lu Ping and Qin Sang play husband and wife and be sweet with each other even when they’re faced with so much danger.

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Episode 30 – 31

Hmmm I wonder why Liu Song needs his knife so badly. Yaay 五园 to the rescue! Everyone thinks they’re useless but they’re still able to help. Oooh I guess Xi Fan and Zi Yan are fully together now? Time for all of them to work together against Shan Hai Lou!

Hooooly Xu Wei Feng killed his own father oh God. And then Su Tang heartbreakingly kills him to save everyone. Chu Min also seals herself with Liu Song to try to stop him from hurting Bei Dou. But Liu Song is too cunning for her and probably already knew what she was up to.

Ouf that was such a sad scene, with Qin Qi dying and giving Qin Sang and the Emperor to Lu ping to take care of. Wooo, Lu Ping broke another chain to have 四魄贯通, and killed a Shan Hai Lou leader. Crap Liu Song is able to retrieve his sword and now controls Chu Min. I’m thinking the sword is really important to help heal him and unite soldiers. Shit Bi Xia wants Zi Yan to report to him on the Yan family’s movements. What is his motive? Everyone is seeming not like who they are on the surface!

Episode 32

There was lots of reminiscing this episode over Qin Qi, I’m guessing Qin Sang feels pretty lost and alone right now. Hmmm what’s the meaning behind Guo You Dao’s finance book? There’s also some ripped pages in there! Shi Fu must’ve known something important. So we find out that Lu Chen Feng, the 7th disciple of Bei Dou sealed Liu Song’s sword along with Leng Xiu Tan. When will seventh disciple make an appearance!?

And jeez Bi Xia gave Qin Sang the title 君主 and then wants to marry her off to Yan Xi Fan so she can be his ear and link to the Yan family and work against Shai Hai Lou. Bi Xia is such a schemer! This Bi Xia is looking more and more complicated and seems to have bad intentions.

Heh Su Tang and Mo Lin are so cute. They made it into Wu You Gu and it looks like such a cool place! LOL he claimed her as his wife without her even knowing, aw Mo Lin! And ahhh Mo Lin finally confesses to Su Tang! He’s so sweet to her, planting Gui Hua trees to make 桂花糖 because she likes it even though he’s allergic. Mo Lin has been by her side since the very beginning, Su Tang just doesn’t want to admit she also likes him too.

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