Lies of P Red Fox, Lies of P Gameplay, Release Date and More

Lies of P Red Fox

In the video game “Lies of P,” Red Fox is a character you can meet. She can be found near the Workshop Union Culvert Stargazer. Red Fox is the sister of another character called Black Cat.

In the game, NPCs like Red Fox are important because they give players helpful information, items, and services to aid them on their journey. Red Fox, however, might initially think you’re a stalker in the game.

Red Fox is one of the characters you can interact with in “Lies of P,” and she plays a role in the game’s story and world.

About Lies of P

“Lies of P” is a video game inspired by the classic story of Pinocchio. It’s an action-packed role-playing game where you control Pinocchio, a special puppet who can tell lies, in the city of Krat. In this city, puppets have revolted against humans, causing chaos.

The game offers challenging combat, similar to games like Dark Souls and Sekiro. Pinocchio can use various weapons and abilities, making the battles exciting. Your choices in the game affect the storyline, leading to different endings.

Pinocchio’s main goal is to save his creator, Geppetto, who has the knowledge to stop the puppet uprising. Along the way, Pinocchio encounters enemies like the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, mutated humans, and puppet-controlled monsters. The story also reveals that the city’s power source, Ergo, is connected to human memories and life force.


Your decisions in the game, such as whether Pinocchio gives his heart to Geppetto, shape the outcome of the story. “Lies of P” also hints at a search for eternal life and a mysterious key named Dorothy.



Lies of P Gameplay

In the gameplay of “Lies of P,” you step into the shoes of Pinocchio, a unique puppet in a challenging and action-packed adventure. The game is played from a third-person perspective, meaning you view the world from behind Pinocchio.

Your main goal is to explore the city of Krat, where puppets have rebelled against humans, leading to chaos and danger. As Pinocchio, you’ll walk through this city, battling biomechanical enemies using weapons like swords and axes. You can also dodge and block attacks to survive.

What makes Pinocchio special is his mechanical arm, which can be customized with gadgets like a grappling hook or a flamethrower. The game offers a variety of weapons and a crafting system with numerous possibilities.

One unique feature in “Lies of P” is the “Lying System,” where your choices during certain parts of the game impact how the story unfolds, leading to different endings. The gameplay is often compared to challenging titles like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro, making it a thrilling and strategic gaming experience.

Lies of P Release Date

“Lies of P” became accessible to players on September 19, 2023, across a range of platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, MacOS, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

This significant date allowed gamers worldwide to immerse themselves in the captivating universe of “Lies of P,” assuming the role of Pinocchio, the one-of-a-kind puppet protagonist. They were free to explore the city of Krat, participate in challenging combat encounters, and make choices that would influence the game’s plot, leading to diverse outcomes.

For enthusiasts of action role-playing games, this release date marked a highly anticipated moment, granting them the chance to finally partake in the gameplay and narrative of “Lies of P” on their preferred gaming platforms.

Lies of P Trailer

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