Lisa of BLACKPINK Has A “Ghost” In Her House But She Doesn’t Bother It

Lisa, full name Lalisa Manoban, is the youngest member of the world-famous girl group BLACKPINK. She is a rapper and dancer in the 4-member group. She is also a well-established soloist, who made her official and successful solo debut last year with her first single album “Lalisa”.

Lisa, and her group mates Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé, are currently in the US for their Born Pink world tour which follows the release of their second full album also titled Born Pink. While in the US, the group sat down for an interview with 102.7KIISFM. During the interview, they discussed a variety of things from their most recent comeback singles “Pink Venom” and “Shut Down” to their second world tour.

The interviewer revealed himself to be a great fan of UFO mysteries and paranormal stuff and asked the members to also share their encounters with paranormal stuff. Lisa was quick to answer and said there was something she’d like to share.

Lisa goes on to relate how she has an Automatic Sensor-Enabled Dustbin in a room behind her computer desk. She says once she was sitting doing YouTube stuff on her computer and she heard her dustbin get opened and make a sound behind her. At first, she thought it was her many cats who walked past it because of which it made that sound. But when she looked back there was no one there. And now the dustbin keeps doing that every 5 or 10 mins. Lisa then reveals that she’s gotten used to it now as she hears it every day. She says I just leave it like that and don’t bother “it” cause maybe they are bored and just playing with the trash can.

Fans found Lisa’s anecdote to be adorable and responded with comments like:


“lisa is kind to everyone even with the ghost

Lisa story with ghost always interesting lol, I can listening her eventho she repeat it every single hours.”

“Even ghosts love Lisa u have no excuse”

lisa‘s ghost story was so funny, that trash can is 100% just broken, theres no ghost. but thank you for sharing it i enjoyed it so much lmao”

“oh damn that ghost is winning, how to be a ghost?!”

lisa and her ghost stories saga continues shes so funny i cant”

“that ghost is living my dream. I’m jealous!!”

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