Litton Das Height How Tall is Litton Das?

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Litton Das



Bangladeshi cricketer


Date of Birth

October 13, 1994

Birth Place

Dinajpur, Bangladesh

Age (as of 2023)

29 years old


175 cm


65 kg (143 lbs)




Who is Litton Das?

Litton Das, born on October 13, 1994, is a standout Bangladeshi cricketer renowned for his prowess as a batsman and wicketkeeper. His journey in the cricketing world reflects a compelling narrative of talent, dedication, and contributions to the sport at both the domestic and international levels.Das emerged from the cricketing landscape of Bangladesh, a country that has steadily made its mark on the global cricket scene.

As a right-handed batsman and wicketkeeper, Litton Das has become a linchpin in the Bangladesh national cricket team. His ability to don dual roles adds a unique dimension to his cricketing repertoire, making him a valuable asset for the team.Litton Das’ entry into international cricket was marked by his debut in the ODI format in 2015 against India.

He has showcased his batting prowess in all formats of the game. Das possesses a stylish and technically sound batting technique, capable of anchoring the innings or playing aggressive strokes when the situation demands.His performances in domestic cricket, particularly in Bangladesh’s premier cricket league, have been pivotal in establishing his reputation as a reliable and consistent batsman.

Litton Das is often recognized not just for his run-scoring capabilities but also for his agility behind the stumps.As Bangladesh continues to carve its niche in international cricket, Litton Das remains a key figure, symbolizing the country’s cricketing aspirations. His contributions to the team, both as a batsman and wicketkeeper, make him a vital cog in the machinery of Bangladesh cricket, and his journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring cricketers in the nation.


Real Name

Liton Kumar Das


Bangladeshi cricketer

Date of Birth

October 13, 1994


Devashri Biswas Sonchita




Litton Das Age

As of now, Litton Das is 29 years old (born October 13, 1994), in the cricket-loving nation of Bangladesh, Das embodies the spirit of a new era for both himself and his team.As he celebrates his 29th birthday, Das stands at the zenith of his cricketing prime, armed with years of experience and a youthful zeal that continues to invigorate the Bangladesh national cricket team.

His journey from the cricket fields of his birthplace to the international stage is a testament to not just his personal dedication but also to the burgeoning cricketing landscape in Bangladesh.In the optimistic landscape of 2023, Das’s age of 29 signifies the convergence of maturity and athletic vigor.

Having honed his skills since a young age, he now stands as a stalwart representative of Bangladesh’s cricketing aspirations. The optimism surrounding his age lies in the anticipation of even greater feats on the field, more records to be shattered, and the continued elevation of Bangladesh’s standing in world cricket.

Litton Das, at 29, is not just a cricketer; he’s a symbol of the nation’s cricketing dreams. As he steps into another year of his life, fans and admirers eagerly await the unfolding chapters of his career, anticipating a continued legacy of success and a source of inspiration for aspiring cricketers in Bangladesh and beyond.

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Litton Das Nationality

Litton Das proudly bears the nationality of Bangladesh, a country synonymous with a rich cricketing heritage and a fervent passion for the sport. Born on October 13, 1994, in the heart of this cricket-loving nation, Das has become a prominent figure in Bangladeshi cricket, representing not only himself but also embodying the aspirations and dreams of a nation on the international stage.

As a Bangladeshi cricketer, Litton Das is a product of the thriving cricket culture that permeates every corner of the country. His journey from local pitches to the global cricketing arena mirrors the collective ambition of Bangladesh to make its mark in the cricketing world.

The significance of his nationality goes beyond legal categorization; it is a source of pride for Das and a unifying factor for cricket enthusiasts across Bangladesh. It represents a connection to the country’s cricketing legacy and a responsibility to contribute to its ongoing narrative.

In international cricket, Litton Das carries the hopes and dreams of Bangladesh, competing with passion and determination. His nationality is not just a legal identity but a cultural emblem that resonates with fans, making him a symbol of the vibrant spirit of Bangladeshi cricket. In the expanse of cricketing diversity, Litton Das proudly stands as a representative of Bangladesh, showcasing the talent and resilience that define the nation’s cricketing identity.

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