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Logan Paul Talks About His Backstage WWE Meeting With Brock Lesnar 

Meeting your heroes can be difficult to navigate, especially when one is perceived as an outsider entering the world of pro wrestling. However, as the WWE Crown Jewel event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia upcoming month approaches, social media megastar Logan Paul has demonstrated that he’s in it for the long haul.

Paul is turning heads all over the place, from earning the respect of WWE’s Chief Content Officer Triple H to challenging Roman Reigns for his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship on November 5. And he recently mentioned meeting Brock Lesnar, whom he greatly admires. I saw him in the SummerSlam, Paul initiated, and that one piqued my curiosity. I’m a big Brock Lesnar fan because I grew up watching UFC.

So, when I first met him, I had to keep my cool. I believe I said, “Hello, Mr. Brock Lesnar, nice to see you,” and that was end of it. The Beast Incarnate made his come back to WWE earlier in the month during an episode of Raw, and the former WWE Champion isn’t afraid to express his feelings for anyone. However, it appears that the communication was pleasant for Paul.

Or, at the very least, one that is extremely memorable and meaningful. It’s so cool because you’ve seen these WWE superstars on TV your entire life, and then all of hurry I’m in it, going to meet them in person. You’re basically meeting superhero movies as an adult now. It’s fantastic.

Logan Paul WWE Contract

Wrestling fans around the world groaned earlier this year when social media icon Logan Paul was announced as The Miz’s tag team partner for WrestleMania. While Paul is a celebrity in his own right and is no stranger to sports as a professionally trained boxer, his performance in pro wrestling was unknown. To everyone’s astonishment, Paul managed to hold his own in the ring, putting on a rookie-worthy performance. The Miz and Paul even managed to defeat their opposition, Rey & Dominik Mysterio.


Now that Logan Paul has agreed to sign a WWE contract and will be making his WWE debut tonight on Raw, has announced their odds for Paul to succeed the WWE Championship before the year 2024. Bookmakers believe Paul has a 65.52 percent chance of getting a championship before 2024, with a 38.46 percent chance of not winning a championship. Paul would not be the first celebrity to win a WWE championship; in recent years, Bad Bunny and Rob Gronkowski have both won the 24/7 Championship.

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