Loki Actor Is Rumored To Star In Deadpool 3

Last month fans got an update on the most awaited film Deadpool 3. The news was regarding the return of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. As of now, very few details about the sequel are out. But there is a rumor making rounds on the internet about a recently introduced character in the MCU to join the Ryan Reynolds starrer sequel.

The actor is none other than Owen Wilson, who played the role of Mobius in the first season of Loki. He will also be back for the second season which is currently filming. Mobius is a TVA (Time Variance Authority) person, who later on teams up with Loki to find the truth about TVA.

The duo of Loki & Mobius was loved by the audience. Until now we don’t know what his role would be in Deadpool 3, but it will be exciting to see how the MCU adds the storyline of Loki Actor in the film. Now first let’s get to know what’s the rumor on the internet.

Mobius in Deadpool 3?

An account named Deadpool 3 Updates shared it via Daniel Richtman’s account, a rumor that suggests that Owen Wilson will be starring in Deadpool 3. His role of him in the film is not yet revealed. But the tweet reads that he will have a “big role” in the movie and will be reprising as Mobius for the sequel.

See the post below.


Deadpool 3 To Be Big As Endgame

In an interview with Comicbook.com, the creator of Deadpool Rob Liefeld reveals that he had a meeting with Disney regarding the threequel. Disney has asked the creator about what he wanted in Deadpool 3. Rob says, ” And Brandon, I’m so happy that I have that email because I followed it up saying, ” I’m going to put this in writing.”

In the meeting, Rob made it clear to everyone to bring back Hugh’s Wolverine & Ryan’s Deadpool in it as that’s what everyone wanted. To make the Deadpool sequel “big as Endgame”. He adds, ” I just went there because why not, why not just go big, right.?”

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