Lost Ark Crystalline Aura Not Working, How To Solve Crystalline Aura Not Working Issue?


What Is Crystalline Aura In Lost Ark?

Before going to the topic Lost Ark Crystalline Aura Not Working, let’s see what Crystalline Aura means. What do they do in the game Lost Ark? The Crystalline Aura is essentially a game premium subscription. You can buy it with either Royal Crystals, which must be purchased with real-world money, or normal Crystals. You gain a lot of perks if you have a Crystalline Aura, to the point that it feels a little pay-to-win.The players can level up faster by getting more exp points with the activation of Crystalline Aura. Free use of Triports, 50% off overseas liner fees, an extra attempt at daily relationship acts, a 10% boost to natural life energy regeneration, +2 usable bifrost slots, and many more are among the benefits. 

Lost Ark Crystalline Aura Not Working

Okay, we saw what is Crystalline Aura in Lost Ark and what they actually do in the game. Let’s move on to our topic, Lost Ark Crystalline Aura Not Working. Lost Ark is a well known and popular game which was released recently on February 11, 2022 after it’s huge success in it’s initial release in the South Korean region in 2018. As we said, Crystalline Aura is a kind of premium game currency or items which can be purchased with real money. The players who logged in the game between the launch and february 13, 2022 thanked by the game team and they will be rewarded 3 days of Crystalline Aura as a compensation for their delay in the release.

Many players found an issue of Lost Ark Crystalline Aura Not Working. The Crystalline Aura is not working properly or it vanished or disappeared. So it made the players worry and frustrated because of the vanishing of Crystalline Aura. They want to know more about the issue and they want the developers to know about the issue. Actually, the game developers team was well aware of the issue.


How To Solve Crystalline Aura Not Working? 

Since the Crystalline Auras has some issues of vanishing or not working properly. The players want to know the game development team about this issue and they want to know a solution for this problem. The developer’s team was aware of the issue and posted a tweet said that “Hi Alex. We’re aware that some players are missing their Crystalline Aura and are investigating the situation. Thanks for your patience!”.

This implies that they are currently investigating the issue and they will fix it and update the info soon. According to some sources, you can solve the issue by restarting the game. But it is not guaranteed to solve the issue and which is not recommended too. So the only way to fix the issue is just to wait for the game developers to fix the issue. 

Lost Ark Gameplay

Lost Ark is largely a PvE and exploration game with questing, achievement/collectible hunting, crafting, and other activities, but it also has PvP elements. Players begin by customising their character, who can then level up as they progress through the tale. When a character reaches level 50, he or she gains access to tiered endgame dungeons and raids, after which all subsequent progress is determined by the character’s gear score.

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