Lost Ark Gunslinger Leveling Guide, How To Enable Lost Ark Gunslinger Leveling Build?

Lost Ark Gunslinger Leveling Guide

In this Lost Ark Gunslinger guide, you will understand the Gunslinger skills and tripods. The gunslinger has 16 distinct skills to master. So, looking at the guns and their skills and engravings will help to paint a picture of what to expect.

Lost Ark Gunslinger Identity Skills

The term “identity talents” refers to a character’s ultimate ability. Some courses in Lost Ark have two, while some only have one. The Gunslinger is one of the rare Lost Ark classes with three and no identity gauge in this circumstance. To do damage, the Gunslinger employs three weapons: a shotgun, a sniper rifle, and dual-wielding handguns. The shotgun is meant for close-range gameplay, while the sniper is designed for picking off targets at a distance. Pistols were the generic gameplay experience that provides the most skills, and the shotgun was designed for close-range gameplay.

Gunslinger Engravings in Lost Ark

The gunslinger has 2 engravings: Peacekeeper and Hunting Time.


Peacekeeper will boost your different stats in Shotgun, Handgun, and Rifle stances. If you choose the Peacekeeper route, expect to use shotguns. If you choose Hunting Time, you will lose your burst shotgun and combo skills. Peacekeeper will grant you attack speed increase to pistols, crit chance buffs to shotguns, and damage increase on the sniper. Hunting Time will grant a 30% crit chance increase on your sniper and pistol.

Hunting Time

Hunting Time will increase the crit rate for Handgun and Rifle skills. You will be unable to use the Shotgun stance with this graving. At level 1, the crit rate will increase by 20%, and for level 2, it will increase by 27%. At level 3, the crit rate for Handgun and Rifle skills will increase by 35%.


Gunslinger Gems

Gems, like most MMOs, are a feature that gives your character extra power through an external gearing system. Gems usually provide additional benefits to the character, such as increased skill speed, reduced cooldowns, and the development of identity skills, among other things. The gems for the Gunslinger of the Lost Ark tend to focus on any gems that enhance damage, as well as some gems that increase attack or casting speed. The Gunslinger has a lot of combos and skills that require precise timing mechanics, so anything that can help with that is fantastic.


Awakening Skills in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, each class has two different Awakenings. You acquire the first one when you reach level 50, and you can unlock another later. After a brief wind-up animation, the Gunslinger Awakening Skills include one that fires a super high-powered sniper bullet that hits all targets in its path. It does, however, deal most of its damage to the first target hit and has a medium range. The other is a high-explosive sniper round with a huge burst.  To say it another way, you can choose between a massive sling target burst that can crit and a high AOE awakenings skill.

Lost Ark Gunslinger Build

Here are the Best skills and tripods for a Gunslinger build.

Spiral Tracker Handgun Weakness Exposure Quick Pace Whirlpool
Quick Step Handgun Excellent Mobility Rapid Fire Vital Point Shot
Somersault Shot Handgun Agile Movement Burn Effect Super Armor
Equilibrium Handgun Weakness Exposure Enemy Raid Vital Point Shot
Dexterous Shot Handgun Weakness Exposure Master of Evasion Agile Shot
Bullet Rain Handgun Vital Point Shot Rapid Fire Flame Sho
Shotgun Rapid Fire Shotgun In a Tight Spot Preparation Extended Shot
Last Request Shotgun Quick Preparation Execution Volley
Sharpshooter Shotgun Special Bullet In a Tight Spot Frost Haven
Spiral Flame Rifle Ice Shot Kill Confirmation Rear Blast
Perfect Shot Rifle Bleed Effect Precision Shot Enhanced Shot
Catastrophe Rifle Tenacity Defenceless Target Carpet Bombing

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