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Welcome to our guide of “Elden Ring: How To Find The Meteorite Staff?”. One of the strongest Elden Ring magical weapons is the Meteorite Staff. Here’s how you can find it.

Elden Ring: How To Find The Meteorite Staff?

How to find the Meteorite Staff in Elden Ring?

The Meteorite Staff may be found inside the Swamp of Aeonia, in a wrecked structure at number 1 in the map. The simplest way to get there is by the “Sellia Crystal Tunnel Site of Grace” at position 2, which you’ll almost certainly have been teleported to due to a booby trap at some point early on. You can try to travel out there via Limgrave if that hasn’t occurred yet.

Prepare Preserving & Neutralizing Boluses to combat Scarlett Rot and toxicity. Once the status bar fills, you’ll keep taking damage until you recover, rest at a Site of Grace, or die. Remember that many adversaries in this area utilise poisonous attacks, so be prepared.

However, there are numerous islands and tiny land masses that you can employ to keep Rot at bay. You can also ride Torrent over the water, though if it gets too much rot, it will suffer damage and finally die. In the worst-case scenario, you can cross between lands on foot while waiting for the crowds to dissipate before continuing.

To find this building, enter the gloomy recessed region on the map & hug the rock wall until you notice it. A body with an object visible on it will be dangling out any of the windows. The Meteorite Staff will be present when you arrive. When approaching, be cautious since there are fungal priests & flowers that will all attack you with poison. Now is the moment to use any ranging choices you may have.


When you enter the little tower’s base (that is full with poison blooms, so be careful), you’ll see a Golden Rune 4 upon a body immediately inside the door, as well as meteorite staff on a body with in window. The meteorite staff’s most notable feature is that it scales with Intelligence on a S scale, requiring only an 18 Int prerequisite, that most sorcery users may achieve rather quickly. It also enhances whatever gravity sorceries you may have.

However, this staff is unable to employ Ashes of War or be enhanced in any way. It’s the best it’s possibly going to be. So, though it’s a fantastic early-game purchase, you’ll want to swap it with anything else later on as you level up and develop.

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