Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds Locations and Rewards, Know Here What are Mokoko Seeds?

What are Mokoko Seeds?

Mokoko seeds are the unique currency in Lost Ark, which can purchase rewards from the Totoma in Mokoko Village. Mokoko seeds look large, green, and glowing, which will not come for free; instead, players have to obtain them in large quantities to take possession of them. Players can find the Mokoko seeds in the dungeons, area maps, or settlements. Once you collect the mokoko seeds, you can trade with one merchant. So, you will get more good and rare items.

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Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds Locations

Lost ark Mokoko seeds locations are the locations to collect the mokoko seeds, which are currency to purchase rewards after finding the mokoko seeds, which look like a shiny green plant. You can find them in the dungeons, areas in the maps, and settlements.


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Lost Ark Loghill Mokoko Seeds Locations Steps

To find all the Loghill Mokoko seed collectible locations in the Lost Ark, you will first visit all the places on the map. Here is the list of steps to collect the Mokoko seeds to earn the rewards. 

  • The first seed is located towards the Loghill’s southern edge. The seed is buried in some shrubs next to a stone pillar and a red flower bush. 

  • The second seed is near the Archbishop Statue Ruins.

  • The third and fourth seeds can find at Archbishop Statue Ruins. It would help if you defeated the stone enemies which appear with a jump, which will let you enter into a new region.

  • The fifth seed is located near the East Oratory.

  • The sixth seed is on the bridge that rises to the left of Traveler’s Nook.

  • The seventh seed is located in the upper right path of the map, Kolsh Ruins. 

  • The eighth and ninth seeds are in the Fogwoods Crypt, but they can only be found after Forest’s Minuet Song.

Lost Ark Loghill Mokoko Seeds Rewards

Once you are done collecting the Mokoko seeds, you can earn the rewards by using the points towards the newly available items. In the following table, a list of some of the rare, epic, and legendary items is mentioned below.

Items Cost
Totoma Card 50
Cocorico 250
Kindness Potion 100
Stat Increase Potion 300
Mukomuko 500
Paradise’s Knight License 400
3 x Shy Wind Flower Pollen 550
Chicachica 150
15 x Eurus Blueprint 450
Masterpiece #32 950
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