“Lost in Starlight”: Netflix Confirms Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung as Voice Actors for Its First Korean Animated Film, an Enchanting Love Story

Netflix is preparing to launch its first Korean animated film, “Lost in Starlight,” featuring the voices of Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung. The captivating voices of Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung will bring the characters to life, while the enchanting storyline will immerse audiences further. Continue reading for more exciting details!

Netflix Officially Announces Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung to Voice Its First Korean-Language Animated Film, “Lost in Starlight”

On August 16, Netflix released a teaser video and captivating images for its first-ever Korean animated film, “Lost in Starlight.” Starring Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung, this highly anticipated animated film will bring vibrant characters to life. 

Netflix “Lost in Starlight” Storyline

Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung cast as voice actors in Netflix’s “Lost in Starlight” | Netflix
Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung cast as voice actors in Netflix’s “Lost in Starlight” | Netflix

“Lost in Starlight,” is a beautiful and heartwarming story about love, loss, and the power of hope. Notably, it delves into the challenges of long-distance relationships. The story revolves around the love story of a scientist named Nan Young and a musician named Jay.

Nan Young is a dedicated scientist and an astronaut in the fourth Mars exploration project for 2050. Her expedition is dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of space, with Mars taking center stage in her quest for knowledge. However, there is more to Nan’s aspirations extend beyond scientific curiosity.


Moreover, the couple faces significant challenges in maintaining their long-distance relationship. These challenges add to the intrigue of the narrative as their unique love story unfolds across Earth and Mars. This captivating story will also leave the audience questioning whether they can overcome obstacles and keep their love alive.


“Lost in Starlight” Main Characters and Their Voice Actors

Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung | Netflix
Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung | Netflix

Nan Young – Kim Tae Ri

Nan Young is a determined scientist and an astronaut in the fourth Mars exploration project for 2050. Her mission is to explore and study space, with Mars being the primary focus. Nan’s ultimate goal is to uncover traces of her mother on Mars. Her mother, a scientist and an astronaut, tragically failed to return to Earth during a Mars probe.

The character of Nan Young will come to life through the compelling voice of Kim Tae Ri. This project marks Kim Tae Ri’s debut in voice acting. Previously, the prominent actress has showcased her versatile acting skills across various genres. She has appeared in notable series and films. Some of these include “The Handmaiden,” “Space Sweepers,” “Twenty-Five Twenty-One,” “Alienoid,” “Revenant,” and more. Additionally, she will star in the new historical drama “Jeong Nyeon.”

Jay – Hong Kyung

Jay is a struggling musician aspiring to make it in the music industry. By chance, their paths cross. Their fateful encounter marks the beginning of a unique bond between them. However, their connection goes deeper when they reunite through Nan Young’s mother’s old turntable, a cherished keepsake.

The talented voice actor Hong Kyung will be the voice of Jay. The rising star is famous for his remarkable acting skills in various dramas and movies. Some of his notable works include “Innocence,” “D.P.,” “Weak Hero Class 1,” and “Revenant.” 

The reunion between “Revenant” actors Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung has sparked interest among fans. Kim Tae Ri’s mesmerizing portrayal of a woman possessed by a demon captivates audiences, leaving a lasting impression. Additionally, Hong Kyung’s portrayal of a determined detective has garnered high praise.

Further, the actors actively contribute to pre-recording and live-action scenes, thereby heightening the anticipation and adding depth and authenticity to their characters. Audiences are excited to witness how their performances will bring the characters to life.

Production and Release

Netflix’s “Lost in Starlight” is an enchanting romantic animated film that will captivate animation, romance, and science fiction fans. Climax Studio will produce this highly anticipated animated film. Their impressive works include “Hellbound,” “D.P.,” and “JUNG_E.”

Adding to the anticipation, Han Ji Won has taken on the roles of director and writer for this Netflix’s first-ever Korean-language animated film. Han Ji Won is renowned in the Korean animation industry for her debut short film, “Kopi Luwak.” Moreover, she received much praise for her unique style in projects like “Clearer than You Think” and “Recipe to My Daughter.” With her exceptional talent and vision, fans can expect an extraordinary and enchanting cinematic experience in “Lost in Starlight.”

Netflix will exclusively premiere the highly anticipated Korean-language animated film “Lost in Starlight.” Keep an eye out for further updates!

What are Your Thoughts?

The pairing of Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung as the voice actors for “Lost in Starlight” has sparked excitement among fans. With their proven talents and captivating charisma, they will deliver mesmerizing performances that will leave a lasting impact.

What do you think about pairing Kim Tae Ri and Hong Kyung as voice actors in Netflix’s “Lost in Starlight”? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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