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Title: Love A Lifetime (暮白首) Mu Bai Shou
Episodes: 45
Release Date: June 18, 2020
Film Location: China
Summary: The drama tells the love story that happens in the jianghu after Nalan Yue meets Rong Hua, lady of Longyin City.

Plot Synoposis:

In order to help her father Rong Jing Feng save the world, Rong Hua goes searching for the lost healing weapon “Chi Hua Zhu”.

The world was in danger, and she is helped by a man named Nalan Yue several times.

As everyone knew, Nalan Yue, the young master of Ling Xu Pavilion and Rong Hua have inextricable family hatred. Yet the two fall in love at first sight and decide to abandon their family hatred, using their sincerity to erase the grudges of the previous generation.

No one could predict that Rong Jing Feng was actually a hypocrite. He wanted to harm the Nalan family again for selfish desires.

At the same time, Nalan Yue was forced to impart magical skills to Mo Huan, the leader of the Ming sect, and he almost became possessed by the devil. Rong Hua firmly believed that Nalan Yue was still good at heart, and so she silently guards him until he regains his original pure intentions.

The two connect again and fight side by side, not only to eradicate the Ming sect, but also to expose Rong Jing Feng’s sins to the world.

Since then, Rong Hua and Nalan Yue join forces to fight against the enemy and return jianghu to peace.

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Cast & Characters:
Ren Jia Lun

Ren Jia Lun 任嘉伦 as Nalan Yue & Lin Jing 那岚岳/林敬

He holds a double identity, and is the young master of Ling Xu Pavilion, a descendant of the Xuanbing tribe.

As Lin Jing, he is arrogant, funny and informal. As Nalan Yue, he is calm and wise, bears humility and a heavy burden. He is extremely skilled in martial arts and his swordsmanship is as fast as a phantom.

Under the appearance of not caring for anything, he has a sensitive heart, knows what he wants, and will ignore everything until he achieves his goals. He is rebellious and uninhibited but consistent in his feelings, staying true to Rong Hua.

Zhang Hui Wen

Zhang Hui Wen 张慧雯 as Rong Hua 容婳

Lady of Longyin City. She is smart, lively, straightforward, dares to love and hate, and has an innocent appearance. She seems weak and harmless but is very quick on her feet, has a sense of self-preservation, and is not easily deceived by others.

Supporting Characters
Li Yi Tong

Li Yi Tong 李艺彤 as 容夙
Rong Hua’s older sister.

Guo Hao Jun

Guo Hao Jun 郭昊钧 as Lu Yi Zhou 陆一舟

Lin Yuan

Lin Yuan 林源 as Mo Huan 墨幻

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Airing Schedule

Start: June 18, 2020
Frequency: 2 episodes every Thursday to Sunday
End: July 25, 2020

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