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Drama Info:

Title: Love Advanced Customization (幸福触手可及) Xing Fu Chu Shou Ke Ji
Episodes: 45
Release Date: May 19, 2020
Film Location: Shanghai
Summary: The drama tells the love story between fashion designer Zhou Fang and e-commerce businessman Song Lin.

Plot Synoposis:

Fashion designer Zhou Fang and e-commerce boss Song Lin initially met each other because of business lawsuits. They were incompatible, but were forced to cooperate because of various events in life and work.

The two stubborn people collided constantly, and were involved in many conflicts. But in the process of competing with each other, they grew up, and at the same time started to understand the other party, gradually falling in love.

Zhou Fang and Song Lin supported each other and disliked each other at the same time. They pass all kinds of difficulties together and continue to perfect themselves in order to achieve their dreams.

Zhou Fang eventually owns a well-known luxury brand, and efficient e-commerce businessman Song Lin develops a high-level customized business model and achieves new breakthroughs in his career.

Cast & Characters:
Huang Jing Yu
Huang Jing Yu

Huang Jing Yu 黄景瑜 as Song Lin 宋凛
President of the clothing brand “April”. He becomes Zhou Fang’s neighbour and is Song Luo’s brother. He started from nothing, and was raised by his grandma. Relying on his own hard work, he works his way up to become president of the e-commerce store. Song Lin had a very grounded birth but embarks on an extraordinary entrepreneurial journey.

He meets Zhou Fang who has a strong personality. She matches his high working abilities and ambitions. Song Lin finally finds satisfaction and happiness outside of his career achievements due to his love for Zhou Fang.

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Dilraba Dilmurat
Dilraba Dilmurat

Dilraba 迪丽热巴 as Zhou Fang 周放
A fashion designer and founder of the clothing brand “TKY Shop”. She is Song Lin’s neighbour, Qin Qing’s best friend, Lin Xi and Lu Na’s love rival. She is the creator of her brand and owns her apparel company, is an idealist in conducting business. Zhou Fang is straightforward and capable, self-reliant and independent.

Supporting Characters
Zhang Xin Yu
Zhang Xin Yu

Zhang Xin Yu 张馨予 as Qin Qing 秦清
Custom jewelry designer, Zuo Yu Lin’s lover, Zhou Fang’s best friend. She has a bold personality, looks forward to fresh and new love, and also believes that love will be lost after the honeymoon period. It wasn’t until she experienced losing her true love that she realized what she wanted.

Yi Da Qian
Yi Da Qian

Yi Da Qian 易大千 as Zuo Lin Yu 左霖宇
Investment director of April. Qin Qing’s lover, Song Lin’s subordinate and good friend. He is smart, meticulous in his work, and has the confidence and energy of a young person just starting out in his career. Lin Yu is down-to-earth, understands he has to go through training and growth and wants to confidently protect those that he loves.

Hu Bing
Hu Bing

Hu Bing 胡兵 as Su Yu Shan 苏屿山
President of the first e-commerce company in the apparel industry. He is Lin Zhen Zhen’s husband, loves Si Yue, Song Lin’s business rival. He always smiles when greeting others, but always has his guard up. The reason he butts heads with Song Lin is not to maintain his throne as the largest e-commerce fashion company but because the two have a complicated past. At the same time, he feels immense guilt towards Si Yue and Le Qing Zi.

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Zhang Dou Dou
Zhang Dou Dou

Zhang Dou Dou 张逗逗 as Lu Na 路娜
A big celebrity who admires Song Lin. She is Zhou Fang’s love rival and Wang He’s good friend. In order to pursue Song Lin, she makes nice with Song Luo. She always thought that she and Song Lin were the perfect match until Zhou Fang arrived. Lu Na makes things difficult for Zhou Fang due to her jealousy.

Drama Posters:
Love Advanced Customization Still 1
Love Advanced Customization Still 1
Love Advanced Huang Jing Yu
Love Advanced Customization – Huang Jing Yu
Love Advanced Dilraba
Chinese Drama Love Advanced Customization – Dilraba
Love Advanced Zhang Xin Yu
Chinese Drama Love Advanced Customization – Zhang Xin Yu
Love Advanced Yi Da Qian
Love Advanced Customization – Yi Da Qian
Airing Schedule

Start: May 19, 2020
Frequency: 2 episodes every Sunday to Thursday, 1 episode every Friday and Saturday
End: June 16, 2020

Love Advanced Customization Airing Calendar
Love Advanced Customization Airing Calendar

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