“Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce) 3” Premieres To Higher Ratings Than Season 2 + “Tracer” Makes Strong Return To Air

TV Chosun’s “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)” and MBC’s “Tracer” have both returned with new seasons!

On February 26, “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) 3” aired its highly-anticipated premiere—and according to Nielsen Korea, the third season of the hit drama kicked off with an average nationwide rating of 6.3 percent.

While the ratings were significantly lower than the nationwide average of 16.6 percent scored by the finale of Season 2, which set a new record for the highest ratings achieved by any drama in TV Chosun history, they were still considerably higher than the 4.9 percent average scored by the Season 2 premiere.

Meanwhile, after a three-week hiatus due to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, “Tracer” finally returned to air with its first episode of Season 2, which scored an average nationwide rating of 6.2 percent.

KBS’s “The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won” also returned to strong viewership ratings after its own six-week hiatus, earning a nationwide average of 8.0 percent for its latest episode.


JTBC’s “Forecasting Love and Weather” scored an average nationwide rating of 6.1 percent for its fifth episode, marking its first decrease in viewership since its premiere earlier this month.

tvN’s “Twenty Five, Twenty One” similarly dipped to an average nationwide rating of 8.0 percent for its own fifth episode, though it remained the most-watched program in its time slot across all cable channels. The drama also continued to take first place in its time slot among the key demographic of viewers ages 20 to 49, with whom it scored an average rating of 4.2 percent.

Finally, KBS 2TV’s “Young Lady and Gentleman” continued its reign over Saturday as the most-watched program to air on any channel with an average nationwide rating of 32.2 percent.

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