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Drama Info:

Title: Love In Between (少年游之一寸相思) Shao Nian You Zhi Yi Cun Xiang Si
Episodes: 43
Release Date: June 8, 2020
Film Location: Huyangxia
Summary: The drama is adapted from the novel of the same name by Ziwei Liunian. It recounts the turbulent years of the jianghu and the dark martial arts era. “Young hermit” Zuo Qin Ci travels across the jianghu as a doctor to search for the lost treasure “Mountain River Map” of the imperial courts. He becomes acquainted with Yi Rong’s thief, Fei Kou Er, and the two create a story about the secret history of the jianghu.

Plot Synoposis:

Zuo Qin Ci, the son of House Hou, hides his real identity to search for a lost volume of the mountain river map. He becomes acquainted with the thief Fei Kou Er after rescuing his shifu.

Fei Kou Er’s mysterious background is revealed due to her chivalrous actions. It turns out to be Su Yunluo, a traitor from Zhengyang Palace.

Jianghu attacks her because of her identity. Zuo Qing Ci does not hesitate to fall into the jianghu battle to save her.

At this time there was trouble, the entire clan of House Hou was framed by the traitor Wei Ning Hou, and Zuo Qing Ci is forced to get involved in the political chaos of his country.

To help Zuo Qing Ci, Su Yun Luo discovers a secret history of the jianghu, which also involved a secret story of the courts many years ago.

After going through thousands of risks, the two become lovers and comrades-in-arms, carrying the burden of their country. They fight side by side, helping to overthrow the court traitors and return peace to the jianghu.

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Cast & Characters:

Zhang Yao 张耀 as Zuo Qing Ci
Son of House Hou.

Zhang Ya Qin 张雅钦 as Su Yun Luo 苏云落

Supporting Characters

Zou Ting Wei 邹廷威 as Wen Si Yuan 文思渊

Deng Yu Li 邓郁立 as Shen Man Qing 沈曼青

Zheng Hao 郑好 as Yin Chang Ge 殷长歌

Shi Yun Peng 石云鹏 as Zhu Yan 朱厌

Drama Posters:
Airing Schedule

Start: June 8, 2020
Frequency: 2 episodes every Monday to Wednesday
End: July 27, 2020

OST Playlist

Xiang Si 相思 by Wang Xi & Xian Zi 王晰 & 弦子

Jiu Yuan 九愿 by Huo Zun 霍尊

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