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Love Is Blind Season 3 Fans Defend Cole Barnett, Call Zanab Jaffrey “Villain”

The fans of Love is Blind season 3 have now been divided because of Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett. One such viewer believes Zanab made the right decision by saying ‘No’ to Cole at the altar and giving him the truth. Meanwhile, Cole’s fans have called out Netflix as they think he was portrayed as the villain.

The show ended and had both Cole and Zanab talking about their experiences on social media. Zanab turned off the comments meanwhile Cole remained more open to his fans. He revealed the many lessons that he learned on his journey at Love is Blind.

Cole posted a TikTok on Instagram where he added several clips from the show. He was sharing the difference between school and life. The Love Is Blind contestant revealed that in school, students learn the lesson, and then there is a test but it is not so in real life. He even captioned the post by writing, “You either win or you learn, and love is blind taught me a lot. I’ll be better because of it.”

After the video, fans defended him and slammed Zanab. A fan appreciated the way Cole took accountability, showed humility, and strived to grow. Another fan praised him and urged him to not let anybody take his sparkle away.

Fans were also calling out Zanab for never admitting her mistakes. People were slamming her for turning off her comments because as per them nobody is on her side. Fans even compared Cole and Zanab as they set their situation as an example of how people would believe everything women say about men.


Cole Barnett has also indicated that he has been in therapy; after being traumatized by the experience he had on Love is Blind. He revealed that being more open about the hurt and the trauma is crucial.

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