“Love Is For Suckers,” And Why It’s The Must-Watch K-Drama Of The Season

Love is for Suckers” is the new romantic comedy series by ENA starring Lee Da Hee and Choi Siwon. Although it has only been a few weeks, the series is already winning the hearts of many, showing its heartfelt and comforting storyline through the two main leads. Curious to see why this is THE K-drama of this fall and winter season? Keep reading to find out.

1. The intense and undeniable OTP chemistry

Lee Da Hee plays Goo Yeo Reum, a variety show PD, while Choi Siwon plays Park Jae Hoon, a plastic surgeon. The two have been best friends for as long as they can remember and have been there for each other through all of life’s obstacles. Although they are very close, they have never had any feelings for each other – until now.


Lee Da Hee and Choi Siwon as a couple seemed like a great idea on paper, but no one could have anticipated just how much chemistry these two would actually have on the small screen. The intensity and heat they bring to the story are immensely entrancing, drawing viewers in. There are some serious emotions, and butterflies are evoked as a result of these two and their maddening chemistry. Is it too early to request another project with these two?

2. The tropes

“Love is for Suckers” has all the tropes that you would expect from a romantic comedy. It’s got the classic love triangle, childhood friends to lovers, first love romance – it’s got it all. But despite this, the series has a very nostalgic feel that will remind you of some classic romantic comedies that any K-drama lover may have missed and are very familiar with.

Although these tropes are common, “Love is for Suckers” is able to present them in a way that isn’t too cheesy. Instead, they add to the heart of the storyline and chemistry between the two main leads. And the individual character development and evolving relationships make the tropes more exciting to watch.

3. Choi Siwon’s heart-stopping gazes

Choi Siwon has come a long way from his days as an idol, and after his more recent projects like “Work Later, Drink Now,” he has proven that his maturity as an actor has grown exponentially. In this particular series, Park Jae Hoon is someone who is longing for his best friend, and seeing her fall into the arms of her ex-boyfriend, played by Song Jong Ho (who is amazing in this), is just too much for him to handle.

Watching Choi Siwon portray this angsty, pained, and heartbroken character only affirms that he has got a long career ahead of him that will make his fans proud. If you weren’t a big fan of him before, you’ll love him after watching a few episodes of this series.

4. Girl crush Lee Da Hee

Lee Da Hee first garnered a huge fan base after being on several variety shows, displaying her witty and lovable charm. Since then, she has continued to win the hearts of many and developed her repertoire as an actress. In this particular series, Lee Da Hee shows her versatility with the vast emotions that her character goes through. Whether it’s showing a very cute side or an earth-shattering break up scene, Lee Da Hee is able to do it all.

5. The cuteness and the heart

The butterflies don’t stop with this one. Just when you think you’ve gotten the feels from a particular scene, there is another scene right around the corner that will tug at your heart. Seeing these two help each other through life’s hardships is the comfort and warmth that we all need, especially as the weather gets cooler. Everyone in their life needs a Goo Yeo Reum and Park Jae Hoon in their lives to pull them back up when they feel like they’ve hit rock bottom.

Park Hae Joon feeding you when you don’t have the strength to feed yourself: 

Park Hae Joon telling you, “I’ll take you back to where you belong” to make us all feel better:

Park Hae Joon to fight your battles for you:

Goo Yeo Reum to bring light into your bad days:

There is so much depth and love between these two that you’ll be rooting for their relationship as well as success. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for their journey!

If you haven’t started watching this series, start right here:

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Hey Soompiers, are you watching “Love is for Suckers,” and are you as obsessed with it as I am? Let me know in the comments below!

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