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Madusa Discusses Vince McMahon’s Attitude Toward Women’s Wrestling 

Madusa has had a colourful career both inside and outside of the squared circle, and she’s getting ready to tell her story in her upcoming autobiography. Madusa appeared on The A2theK Wrestling Show to discuss her connection with Vince McMahon & his willingness to revive women’s wrestling in the 1990s while promoting the book. Vince was very serious right now because it had been dormant for a while, Madusa explained. As a result, he desired to revitalise women’s wrestling.

He was looking for a woman who could wrestle and change the game at the time. He essentially told me he wanted someone athletic, both physically and mentally, who could carry herself and the company. Greg Valentine called Pat Patterson to introduce her as the woman WWE was looking for, and it turned out to be a perfect match. Madusa stated that McMahon was always nice to her and that she didn’t notice the misogynistic side that has recently come to light.

While they had a close relationship at first, Madusa was taken aback by her unexpected release in 1995. I was always a Vince girl in business, and I knew it wasn’t on purpose, Madusa explained. I was getting ready to leave for town, packing my bags, when FedEx arrived at my door. She read the letter before leaving and discovered she had been released.

A new date has been set for upcoming Vince McMahon documentary

Isn’t this a rib? This is a prank. Nope, I called the office, and that’s exactly what it was; they simply let me go. I remained their champion. Madusa claimed McMahon was not thinking clearly because WWE was embroiled in a steroid and IRS scandal. WWE needed to reduce its roster size to save money, so he let the women go. In retrospect, Madusa believes he should have cut half the men’s roster to save the women’s division.

A new date has been set for VICE TV’s upcoming Vince McMahon documentary. The VICE TV documentary on Vince McMahon for which Dave Meltzer and I were interviewed airs December 13th at 9 PM ET, Alvarez said on Twitter. The documentary, labelled The Nine Lives of Vince McMahon, was supposed to debut on October 18. The date was altered at the last minute due to WWE NXT and AEW Dynamite premiering on the same night.


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