Male K-Pop Idols Who Have Shown Their Dogs In Vlogs (Part 1)

VIXX Ravi’s official Instagram

With vlogs, K-Pop idols give fans and viewers a sneak peek into their lives. This behind-the-scenes sort of content is often revered by many fans who have probably only seen their idols on stage and in events, and shows. These vlogs are usually centered around their chill time with family and one key member that viewers are often swooning over is their pet.

Cute, charming, wholesome, and extremely adorable, here are some idols who have shown their dogs in vlogs.



This was 20 minutes of utter cuteness and fun. The vlog covers HyunJin in his family house, spending quality with his family, but one member who stands out is his pet dog Ggami whom he spends the intro of the vlog trying to get the attention of the dog, calling out its name but the dog ignores him till he gets snacks. Their interaction is so cute and adorable radiating a very loving and comforting vibe.



In this vlog, HyeongJun took us along as he went back to his hometown to celebrate Chuseok. Cute, wholesome, and loving, this vlog captures his time with his family during the holiday. His dog Nari had many scene-stealing moments, especially whenever he loudly calls for her, she comes racing with her tail wagging in excitement. Their interactions throughout the vlog were absolutely adorable.


In this vlog, NU’EST Aron gave his dog the pamper treatment that many humans would want. From visiting the dog cafe, carefully feeding her, calming her when she felt shy and anxious, taking a nice stroll, and going on a picnic date with the dog wrapped in a blanket in his arms. Watching this vlog captures his love for his pet who equally feels very warm and comfortable with him.


From the beginning of the vlog, we hear Q excitedly talk about meeting his dog, Ghana in his parent’s house and once he gets there, we understand why. Absolutely cute, playful, and filled with so much energy, before Q even steps into the house, the dog is all over him, doing spins in excitement. 21 minutes filled with fun tail-wagging moments, Q’s bond with his dog is clearly strong and beautiful. 


Maddox’s dog is a constant feature on his vlogs, tagging along with him everywhere he goes. From the studio to the vet or pharmacy, or staying by his side while sick, his dog, Joy, is one of the cutest attractions to his vlogs. Viewers have often complimented how cute she looks, and how loving their interactions are.


This picnic vlog starts off with an adorable scene of Ravi’s dog DeongYi chewing on its toy. Soon enough, we get more cute moments, from the dog’s little groan as Ravi prepares to go out to an inpatient whine as it wants to go for a walk too. For the rest of the first part of this vlog, we get clips of DeongYi being super cute, calm, and chill, much like its owner.


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