MAMAMOO’s Solar Took On A Figure Skating Challenge And Became An ‘Ice Princess’


MAMAMOO‘s Solar took on a special challenge in the spirit of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics for her YouTube channel, and the results were surprisingly great! With the help of an instructor, Solar learned how to figure skate, and even did the figure skating version of MAMAMOO’s “Starry Night” choreography—looking like a total ice princess while she was at it.

In fact, she even hilariously started the lesson by saying that she was there to “become an ice princess.”

| solarsido/Youtube 

The instructor began with a demonstration of the choreography that Solar was to learn, though the difficult-looking moves were already making Solar think twice about doing the challenge.

Her suspicions about it being hard were pretty much immediately proven right as she struggled to move around.



And even before they got to the choreography, Solar was already experiencing pain.

Yet, she continued on bravely! But then they came to one of the hardest moves…

And Solar gave it her best shot…

…though to somewhat mixed results. The instructor then moved on to the actual choreography…

…and Solar was hilariously forced to experience even more pain.

Eventually, however, it all became worth it when Solar was able to complete the choreography…

…while still looking as graceful as ever!

She became an ice princess indeed.

You can watch the full video on the link below!


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