Mark Curry Illness, What Happened to Mark Curry? What Illness Does Mark Curry Have?

Mark Curry Illness 

Mark Curry does not have any illness currently. However, in the past, he faced a significant health challenge. In 2007, an aerosol can behind a water heater exploded while Curry was doing laundry, resulting in severe burns on more than 20% of his body, including his arm, back, and side.

He spent months recovering at home and even considered suicide upon waking from a medically induced coma. Thankfully, with the support of friends and fellow comedians like Sinbad and Bill Cosby, he overcame this difficult period in his life and is now healthy.

Who is Mark Curry?

Mark Curry is an American actor, comedian, and television host known for his role as Mark Cooper, a former basketball player turned teacher, on the ABC sitcom “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper.” He has had a successful career in comedy and acting, appearing in various television shows and films.

Despite facing a challenging period in 2007 when he suffered severe burns, Mark Curry made a remarkable recovery and continues to be active in the entertainment industry, including stand up comedy and television appearances.




Mark Curry


Full Name

Marcus G. Curry

Date of Birth

June 1, 1961


62 years old

Place of Birth

Oakland, California, U.S.


Actor, Comedian, Television Host

Notable Shows

Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper

See Dad Run


Mark Curry Age

Mark Curry is 62 years old. He was born on June 1, 1961, in Oakland, California, USA. Despite his age, he has remained active in his career as an actor, comedian, and television host. Mark Curry is best known for his role as Mark Cooper in the popular TV show “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper.” Over the years, he has continued to entertain audiences with his talent and humor.

Mark Curry Career

Mark Curry’s career has been quite diverse and successful. He started in the entertainment world with a role in the 1991 feature film “Talkin’ Dirty After Dark,” where he acted alongside Martin Lawrence. However, his big break came when he starred in the ABC sitcom “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” in 1992.

On this show, he played Mark Cooper, a former NBA player who becomes a substitute teacher and gym coach. The series became quite popular, running for five seasons with over a hundred episodes.Throughout his career, Curry made guest appearances on various TV sitcoms like “Living Single,” “Martin,” and “The Jamie Foxx Show.”

He also dabbled in movies, with cameo roles in films such as “Switchback”  and “Armageddon”. In 2000, he had a recurring role on “The Drew Carey Show” and even hosted the Comedy Central game show “Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush.” Curry’s versatility also extended to music, as he appeared in music videos and even delivered humorous monologues in songs, making him a multi talented entertainer.

Mark Curry Net Worth

Mark Curry, the American comedian and actor known for his role in “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper,” has a net worth of around $5 million. This means he has earned a significant amount of money throughout his career in the entertainment industry. His wealth comes from his work as an actor, comedian, and television host, including his role as Mark Cooper on the popular 90s sitcom and his appearances in various TV shows and comedy performances.

Mark Curry’s successful career has contributed to his substantial net worth. In addition to his television and comedy work, Curry has also made appearances in films and hosted game shows, showcasing his versatility in the entertainment world. His ability to engage and entertain audiences across various platforms has played a key role in accumulating his net worth over the years.

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Mark Curry Family

Mark Curry, the American actor, and comedian, is married, but specific details about his wife are not widely known to the public. Mark Curry has kept his personal life relatively private, and he has not often disclosed information about his family or personal relationships in the media. However, it is known that he has two children named Gigi and Camilia.


What Happened to Mark Curry?

Mark Curry, the American actor and comedian best known for his role as Mark Cooper in the TV show “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper,” faced a significant challenge in 2007. An aerosol can explosion behind a water heater caused severe burns to over 20% of his body, including his arm, back, and side. This traumatic incident resulted in Mark Curry spending several months recuperating at his home.

Mark Curry Does Not Have Any Illness 

Mark Curry is currently in good health and does not have any illness. Mark Curry, the American actor, comedian, and television host, has continued his career and is not dealing with any health issues at the moment.

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