Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Rejected Madbomb Idea For Captain America: Civil War Plot

There are many ideas for a film, which never make it to the screen. Either they are modified or scrapped completely. The same happened with Marvel Studios Captain America’s third sequel. There was an idea that was pitched to Kevin Feige but he turned it down. Let’s find out what it was further in the article.

Captain America: Civil War is considered one of the best movies in the MCU. In the movie, the Avengers get divided because of the unmatching opinions on Sokovia Accords. Tony Stark was in favor of the Sokovia Accords whereas Captain America wasn’t, which leads to a feud between the two. Further in the movie Baron Zemo is on a mission to destroy the Avengers relationships completely. So he shows Tony the footage of Bucky Barnes as Winter Soldier killing his parents.

This leads to a big fight between Captain America and Iron Man, as Steve Rogers was protecting Bucky, and Iron man wanted to kill him. Steve Rogers was on Bucky’s side because he knew his best friend was brainwashed by Hydra so he killed Tony’s parents.

This was the idea that actually came to life in the third sequel. But let’s have a look at what other idea was pitched.

Madbomb Idea, What Is It?

In a recent conversation with The Town, Nate Moore producer of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever revealed the idea which wasn’t finalized for the film. He says that when Captain America 3 was in development and everything was going well. They knew Winter Soldier worked, new characters were brought in, and when they talked further about the movie. They thought of how they can complete Winter Soldier’s storyline. So as they wanted to make use of Zemo’s character they thought of one more idea, let’s get to know what is it.


We wanted Cap and Bucky to ultimately reunite. And the plot that we… And we knew we wanted to use Zemo. What a great character. You know, he’s obviously a classic Cap villain. And we were building the movie around a MacGuffin around the Madbomb, which, the Madbomb goes off and causes normal people to start fighting each other. It’s honestly a little similar to what I think they did in Kingsman.”

Nate Moore

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