Marvel Comics Exhibits The MCU What New Asgard SHOULD Be

Within the newest concern of Spider-Man 2099: Exodus, it is revealed that Loki was accountable for making a New Asgard that is means cooler than the MCU’s.

Warning! Spoilers forward for Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #2

Loki and Marvel Comics are displaying the MCU what New Asgard ought to be. Featured within the newest concern of Spider-Man 2099: Exodus, Miguel O’Hara’s Spider-Man is assembling allies sooner or later to assist him combat the unique Inexperienced Goblin and his Cabal of villains. As such, Spider-Man learns about Loki and his standing within the yr 2099, a surviving god who created a model new model of Asgard that is way more dynamic than the one seen on-screen.

Within the first concern of Spider-Man 2099: Exodus from Steve Orlando and Marco Castiello, the physique of a Celestial fell to Earth which created a backyard of immense energy ripe for the taking. Naturally, Norman Osborn needs to take the facility for himself with Spider-Man naturally wanting to forestall that from occurring. Following a gathering with the Winter Soldier of 2099, Spider-Man has now encountered a brand new Valkyrie who reveals what occurred to Loki on this darkish future.


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As seen in the brand new Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #2, Loki 2099 was the final god of Asgard after Alchemax destroyed the realm through a synthetic Ragnarok of their very own design. Roaming the wastelands earlier than discovering this new Valkyrie (who defected from Alchemax), the 2 traveled to the Celestial Backyard. Gathering Celestial mobile fluid, Loki was capable of mix the highly effective substance with the final of his magic to revive Asgard (sacrificing himself within the course of). Whereas Loki’s epic New Asgard did not convey again the unique Asgardians, his magical blood mixed with the Celestial cells resulted within the creation of a wholly new race in Marvel’s potential future.


Within the MCU, New Asgard is just the small city of Tønsberg, Norway the place the Asgardians put down roots after the unique Asgard was taken over by Hela and destroyed by Surtur in Thor: Ragnarok. It is also been hinted that New Asgard has change into a serious vacationer vacation spot. By comparability, Loki’s model of New Asgard is the way more dynamic model of the 2, seeing as the way it redeems the God of Mischief as a hero whereas additionally introducing an entire new cross-species of god and mortal within the Marvel Universe.

At any fee, it appears Spider-Man has simply stumbled onto an entire new kingdom of godlike beings who would possibly be capable to assist him take down Norman Osborn within the points to return. Nevertheless, it is confirmed that the long run New Asgard is made up of outcasts and the forsaken, these like Loki who’ve been largely misjudged. Except for the Valkyrie of 2099, there isn’t any telling who else would possibly be part of Miguel as Spider-Man 2099 continues.

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