Marvel/DC Author Provides Excellent Response

Marvel and DC author Tom Taylor weighs in on who he thinks would win in a struggle between Peter Parker’s Spider-Man or Dick Grayson’s Nightwing.

A Marvel and DC author simply weighed in on whether or not Nightwing or Spider-Man would win in a struggle, and his response is completely excellent. Whereas superhero followers like to pit their favourite heroes and villains towards one another in theoretical fights, it may be arduous to decide on a definitive victor if mentioned heroes exist in separate universes. As such, Tom Taylor’s dedication is a most welcome (and quite hilarious) perspective, seeing as how he is had a hand in crafting iconic tales for each legendary heroes.

Regardless of belonging to rival universes, Nightwing and Spider-Man are loads alike in each means and character. Each use humor to their benefit, disarming and infuriating their opponents with well-timed quips simply as a lot as any quantity of punches or kicks. Likewise, each Dick Grayson and Peter Parker are very agile and acrobatic fighters. Whereas Spider-Man does have enhanced energy and spider-sense because of the radioactive arachnid that bit and gave him powers, Nightwing’s counter would doubtless be his arsenal of devices together with the abilities he is honed for almost his complete life underneath the tutelage of Batman himself.


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Whereas it appears Nightwing and Spider-Man can be evenly matched in the event that they have been ever to struggle, Marvel and DC author Tom Taylor recently went to Twitter to supply his two-sense on the matter. Serving as the present author for DC’s award-winning Nightwing collection with artist Bruno Redondo, Tom Taylor has additionally written Spider-Man tales for Marvel previously as nicely. As such, it is smart that he can be requested for his opinion on social media. Whereas stunning, Taylor finally ends up giving the right response in his affirmation that Nightwing and Spider-Man would not struggle one another in any respect:

Declaring the similarities between two of their greatest villains (Kingpin and Blockbuster), Taylor makes the sturdy level that Nightwing and Spider-Man are a lot alike that they’d in all probability simply hit it off and be buddies. Having extremely shiny and optimistic personalities in comparison with their fellow heroes, it is smart that they’d in all probability simply get alongside proper off that bat. Fairly than brawling,  they might doubtless be a part of forces to take down their villains collectively, turning into an entire new form of dynamic duo within the course of.

Whereas some followers may need been hoping for a extra definitive victor, Tom Taylor’s response communicates volumes. Not solely does he present simply how simply related Spider-Man and Nightwing are by his response, his resolution to not select one hero over the opposite implies he doubtless could not select given his self-proclaimed love for each characters. In any case, the concept that Spider-Man and Nightwing would simply workforce up as a substitute of combating is very doubtless, and it really is the right response from the enduring Marvel and DC Author.

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