Marvel’s Armor Wars Is Officially A Feature Film Now

Marvel Studios have made a sudden announcement regarding the upcoming Armor Wars Series. This news comes after the departure of Bassam Tariq, who was supposed to direct Marvel’s Blade. Don Cheadle would be leading his first-ever solo MCU project ‘Armor Wars.’

More details haven’t been revealed about the series. But now, Marvel studios have made an important announcement about the war machine project. Armor Wars will no longer be a series but a feature film from now on. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studios have planned to make the series into a movie as they think a feature film will be the best for “getting the story told in the right way”.

This new plan about the Armor wars was informed to the production cast & crew already on Thursday. At the D23 expo, we officially got the confirmation of the series turned movie proceeding further along with its logo reveal.

It’s not the first time Marvel Studios is taking such a decision. Previously Hawkeye series too was supposed to be a movie, but they changed their plans to make it a series.

Details About Armor Wars

As of now, no directors have been confirmed for the film. The production is supposed to begin in 2023 as said in D23 Expo. Don Cheadle will be reprising his role as War Machine/ James Rhodey. Other casting details and plot details remain under wraps.


A Reddit user named u/xksgdm revealed that the Marvel studios have recruited a total of four writers for the series.

The first one is Rayna McClendon, her work includes Obiwan Kenobi, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Awkward, and the upcoming series Willow. Emma Fletcher is the second addition to the team.Lekethia Dalcoe will also be joining the team, her work includes Horror Stories. Along with these three writers Garrick Bernard is also onboard.

No official release date has been given by Marvel Studios.

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