Matthew Perry Says Jennifer Aniston Confronted Him While Filming ‘Friends’

Matthew Perry is looking back on the days of filming ‘Friends’ and has revealed a brand new detail. He shared that his co-star and actress, Jennifer Aniston, made an effort to help him with his drinking issue.

The actor further shares that “Jenny” aka Aniston confronted him about the same. He revealed that Jennifer told him they are aware of his drinking. Perry shared this in an interview with People. The actor had recently talked about his struggle and how he almost died from heavy drug use.

This was happening when he was at his highest point careerwise, which means the height of his success on Friends. Aniston confronted the actor about his drug and alcohol consumption. The actor was under the influence back in the 1990s while the Friends show was going on.

Matthew shared that he could handle it in a way back when he was 24. However, ten years later, the actor was in a lot of trouble. When the show first aired back in 1994, the actor went into his alcohol addiction. It went as far as his colon rupturing because of his consumption of opioids.

The actor had to be admitted to the hospital for five days after being in a coma for two weeks and he had to carry a colostomy bag. Perry expressed his gratitude towards his co-star, Jennifer who confronted him. Eventually, the actor decided to find help after wearing the colostomy bag for a year to hold his feces.


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