MCU: The Worst Issues Scarlet Witch Has Ever Accomplished

The next accommodates spoilers for Physician Unusual In The Multiverse Of Insanity.

Whereas Wanda Maximoff was simply one of many many characters within the Avengers motion pictures, she turned a serious favourite with followers of the MCU. After starring in WandaVision, she solely solidified that function regardless of some misdeeds. Whereas she was given some character improvement within the motion pictures, the ensemble movies didn’t enable a lot concentrate on her. However, followers have grown to take pleasure in her sophisticated story and her relationship with Imaginative and prescient on account of WandaVision providing extra perception into her.

Whereas Wanda is painted as a villain at occasions within the MCU and a hero at others, the reality is that her actions are sometimes fairly sophisticated. She may do some heroic issues, however she additionally does some fairly terrible ones that harm different individuals. That is true of many of the principal heroes within the MCU, however she could be some of the complicated apart from Tony Stark.


Up to date on Could seventeenth, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: If WandaVision offers followers extra perception into Wanda Maximoff, Physician Unusual In The Multiverse Of Insanity reveals the viewers simply what she will be able to actually do. She’s lastly utterly accountable for her energy. The film sees her go full tilt into her grief on the lack of her sons and her willpower to get them again. The viewers will get to see simply how far she’s keen to go, and it permits for a number of the worst issues she’s ever performed within the MCU. 

Wanda Lied To Imaginative and prescient About Westview

Elizabeth Oslen & Paul Bettany as Wanda & Vision in WandaVision_Magician's Assistant

For informal viewers of the sequence, WandaVision might get a bit complicated at occasions, and even huge followers of the MCU nonetheless have questions on what occurred.

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When Wanda used her immense powers to create Imaginative and prescient, he wasn’t the Imaginative and prescient from earlier than, however he did appear to be his personal entity. The sitcom model of Imaginative and prescient slowly began to appreciate that issues weren’t all good in paradise, and Wanda stored making an attempt to cowl up the reality and mislead him.

Wanda Dreamwalks In Her Alternate Self

Whereas Wanda Maximoff is a strong witch, she would not discover ways to dreamwalk in an alternate universe model of herself till she has a duplicate of the Darkhold. She makes use of it to realize entry to a different universe in Physician Unusual In The Multiverse Of Insanity, one the place not solely do her sons exist, however one the place America Chavez and Stephen Unusual have tried to flee her.

This motion is not simply invasive for the opposite Wanda Maximoff of Earth-838; it is harmful as nicely. It is not Wanda of Earth-616 whose physique is in peril and finally ends up bruised and battered. Utilizing one other Wanda’s physique additionally signifies that her sons are left alone of their home in a single day whereas she is out monitoring down Unusual and America, doubtlessly leaving them in peril too.

Wanda Kills A number of Sorcerers And College students

Rintrah in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

When Wanda desires entry to America Chavez, she’s keen to hurt anybody who will get in her method. That features a giant group of sorcerers and college students who have not but mastered their craft.

Wanda primarily wipes out all of Kamar-Taj throughout the confrontation. The one individuals left alive are a quartet of scholars, Unusual, Wong, and America by the point she’s performed with the place.

Wanda Brought about The Mishap In Lagos

Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) in Lagos, Nigeria; Captain America: Civil War

The entire Avengers are responsible of collateral injury, and, at occasions, it’s extra their fault than others. In some conditions, like once they had been defending New York Metropolis from Loki’s assault, they had been simply doing their greatest. Nonetheless, in others, they often overstepped their bounds, like throughout the battle in Lagos the place they had been looking down Brock Rumlow.

Each Steve Rogers and Wanda made some errors throughout this mission that ended up costing harmless lives. So, whereas Wanda didn’t imply to harm anybody when she saved Steve’s life, it nonetheless was an instance of collateral injury she was accountable for. The general public outcry is so loud that it is this incident that prompts the creation of the Sokovia Accords.

Wanda Messed With The Minds Of The Avengers

Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) hypnotizing Tony Stark at HYDRA research base in Sokovia in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Many followers had been upset at first when Wanda was launched within the MCU as a result of she was given a really completely different origin story than within the comics. Nonetheless, placing these decisions by the creators of the MCU apart, the reality is that Wanda did begin out considerably as a villain.

It’s straightforward to see why she would hate somebody like Tony Stark, however it’s not merely Tony that she targets. Wanda will get into the heads of the entire Avengers that she will be able to. She reveals Tony his worst nightmare, Steve what her goals of, and makes Natasha Romanoff relive her traumatic previous. The one one whose thoughts she will be able to’t get into is Clint Barton as a result of he sees her coming, and that is in all probability why he reaches out to bond together with her later.

Wanda Places Civilians In Hazard By Controlling Demons

Wanda’s preliminary makes an attempt to go after America Chavez aren’t in individual. As an alternative, she makes use of her runes to manage demons and monsters to chase America down and convey the younger lady to her. In a number of worlds, nevertheless, a model of Physician Unusual involves America’s support.

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If Wanda was simply sending creatures after America, that will be dangerous sufficient. By doing that she’s additionally placing harmless lives in peril. When America lands on Earth-616 with Gargantos after her, the monster is not initially seen, however the chaos and carnage it creates are. Anybody who will get in the way in which of the creature is then in peril as nicely.

Wanda Tortures America Chavez

Xochitl Gomez America Chavez Doctor Strange 2 Multiverse of Madness

Wanda’s complete mission in Multiverse of Insanity is to acquire America’s energy. Sadly for America, there is no technique to extract the facility from her with out killing her; neither Physician Unusual nor Wanda know one other method.

The method additionally seems to be extremely painful for America as Wanda repeatedly forces her to make use of the flexibility in opposition to her will earlier than she even begins to extract it from her. America’s screams are sufficient for the viewers to know that the method is torture.

Wanda Treats Monica Poorly

Some followers weren’t pleased with how Monica was handled within the present despite the fact that they cherished seeing her turn into a extra necessary character. It felt at occasions like she was there to only prop up and excuse Wanda’s unhealthy choices, and Monica deserved greater than that.

Wanda additionally lashed out at her reasonably violently when Monica threatened the tousled model of fortunately ever after that Wanda had created.

Wanda Saved Agatha A Prisoner

Scarlet Witch's Powers ans Agatha Harkness' Magic in the MCU

One concern that some followers had with WandaVision was that the narrative appeared to excuse Wanda’s actions however not Agatha’s. Whereas Agatha wasn’t a hero or perhaps a good individual by any means, Wanda’s actions when she took over Westview may need been simply as unhealthy.

So, when Wanda then selected to make Agatha reside out the remainder of her life as Agnes, it felt like Wanda hadn’t actually discovered that what she did was flawed. It didn’t appear to be a simply punishment. Possibly Wanda is extra of a villain than followers assume and will turn into the MCU’s subsequent huge unhealthy.

Wanda Kills The Illuminati Of Earth-838

Wanda attacks in Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness.

Early in her time as an Avenger, most people Wanda injures or kills are unlucky accidents of her not figuring out the power of her talents, or of her working with the flawed individuals. That is not the case when she chases Physician Unusual and America on Earth-838.

There, the members of the Illuminati attempt to purpose together with her and ask her to cease what she’s doing. The group thinks collectively they’re sturdy sufficient to deal with her, however, one-by-one, she destroys all of them. The one individual left standing is the one one that would not go up in opposition to her: Karl Mordo. She would not even present regret when she makes certain that Reed Richards’ kids will nonetheless have their mom to lift them.

Wanda Forces Wong’s Hand

Benedict Wong as Wong in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Whereas the Scarlet Witch and Physician Unusual may use hexes and spells in opposition to each other all through Multiverse Of Insanity, Unusual will get loads of warning from Wanda as to how precisely she’ll deal with him if he would not give her what she desires. As an alternative of Unusual, nevertheless, it is Wong who leads to her direct line of fireplace fairly a bit.

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Not solely does Wong find yourself held captive by Wanda, however she additionally threatens the lives of his few surviving college students to get him to cooperate. When she now not wants his assist, she tosses him from a mountain. Wong positively will get the brunt of Wanda’s anger when she will be able to’t get to Physician Unusual or America.

Wanda Labored With Ultron

When Wanda and her brother, Pietro, are first proven in Avengers: Age of Ultron, they’re villains of the film who later be a part of the Avengers. And, whereas their causes could be considerably justified, they do willingly work with Ultron.

Ultron appears very clearly to be power-hungry and harmful, and dealing with him looks as if a lapse in common sense. Nonetheless, once they study that Ultron is keen to destroy many harmless lives, they resolve to battle in opposition to him in a few of Scarlet Witch’s greatest battle scenes.

Wanda Was A Half Of HYDRA

Wanda Mind Stone Hydra

One of many greatest points many followers have with Wanda within the MCU is how she was written to willingly select to work with HYDRA. Whereas the ache Wanda went by means of when she misplaced her dad and mom and virtually died herself was horrible, it appears unusual that she would willingly be a part of up with after which proceed to work for such an terrible group.

Nonetheless, as followers by no means actually study all that a lot about how or why HYDRA discovered her and Pietro, it’s exhausting to say precisely what occurred.

Wanda Enslaved The Whole City Of Westview

WandaVision Episode 4 - Westview Real World

Whereas Wanda has made some poor decisions within the MCU the place she stored siding with villains, her worst motion ever was in all probability in WandaVision. Whereas, as soon as once more, the sequence tries to justify her actions by saying she didn’t know what she was doing at first, it’s made clear that she does begin to know what she’s performed.

She is controlling a whole city of individuals, and we see that they’re really depressing and begging to be launched. Nonetheless, Wanda refuses to allow them to go for a very long time.

However Wanda Nonetheless Justified That She Was A Good Individual

Scarlet Witch uses her powers and looks sad

The opposite huge concern right here is Wanda’s justification for her actions. Wanda all the time has a justification for her misdeeds. She tries to guard Imaginative and prescient, she’s misplaced in her grief, she simply desires her kids again, and many others. When Physician Unusual In The Multiverse of Insanity opens, Stephen even says that Wanda corrected her mistake in Westview, however that is by no means actually seen by the viewers. Certain, she leaves the city and relinquishes management, however she by no means actively tries to make amends to the residents for what she did to them.

Likewise, in Multiverse of Insanity, Wanda would not try and make amends for her actions past destroying the Darque Maintain and the copies of the spells as books in order that nobody might be tempted. She would not provide up any explanations to the sorcerers or the residents on Earth-838 that misplaced household on account of her rampage.

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