Meaning Behind Harry Styles’s Tattoos

Three noticeable tattoos on Styles’s left arm include an anchor that covers text that used to say “I can’t change,” a mermaid, and a rose. The anchor is in line with his other nautical tattoos, including the ship on his bicep and swallows on his chest.

As for the mermaid, well, I don’t necessarily know why he got it, though he did tell Hollywood Life in 2014 that it’s because he is a mermaid, but he did tell a fan that the mermaid has “saggy boobs” because “Everyone should love themselves for how they are. They shouldn’t strive for perfection.”

The other big tat here is the rose that seems to expand whenever Harry works out, because I swear it wasn’t blooming this much when he got it. Alas, I don’t know exactly why he got it, but it’s beautiful.


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