Meet The Members Of XG, The Upcoming Global Girl Group Under XGALX

XGALX is gearing up to debut a new global girl group called XG. The group is set to have 7 members and debut in early 2022. 

XG has been receiving a lot of attention for their performance power, even ahead of their debut. They uploaded a group dance performance on YouTube that was filmed at the YG Studio and directed by HyoJin Choi from the famous dance show “Street Woman Fighter“.

You can watch the full video here.


It shows that these girls are coming for K-Pop fans’ hearts with their sharp moves and performance power. They are expressive, charismatic, and we are excited to see what they will show us in the future. The video has surpassed one million views already.

Which raises the question, “Who are these girls?”


Let’s meet the members of the upcoming group XG through their dance videos!



1. Jurin

Birthday: June 19, 2002

Age: 19

Jurin used to be a model before becoming a trainee.



2. Chisa

Birthday: January 17, 2002

Age: 20

Chisa used to be an actress before becoming a trainee.



3. Cocona

Birthday: December 7, 2005

Age: 16

Cocona won the Kira Challe audition for singing in 2018.



4. Hinata

Birthday: 2003 (full date not known yet)

Age: 19



5. Maya

Birthday: August 10, 2006

Age: 15

She auditioned for the program “Tokyo Girls” in 2017.



6. Juria

Birthday: November 28, 2004

Age: 17

Juria is a former member of the J-Pop group Amorecarina



7. Harvey

Birthday: December 18, 2002

Age: 19

Harvey also participated in the program “Tokyo Girls”.


What do you think of the XG members? Will you be stanning them?


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