Melodic Magic: Red Velvet Wendy and RIIZE Eunseok Lend Their Enchanting Voice for Pop Music Animation “Trolls Band Together”

Red Velvet Wendy and RIIZE Eunseok will mesmerize the Korean version of the upcoming pop music animation “Trolls Band Together” with their enchanting voices. Get ready to be captivated by Wendy and Eunseok’s extraordinary singing talents in this musical extravaganza!

Unleashing Vocal Power: Red Velvet Wendy and RIIZE Eunseok to Voice a Lovable Couple in Korean Dub of “Trolls Band Together”

Pop Music Animation “Trolls Band Together”

Red Velvet Wendy and RIIZE Eunseok cast as voice actors in the upcoming pop music animation "Trolls Band Together."  | Kstar
Caption: Red Velvet Wendy and RIIZE Eunseok cast as voice actors in the upcoming pop music animation “Trolls Band Together.”  | Kstar

Wendy and Eunseok, two skilled singers from SM Entertainment, will take voice roles in “Trolls Band Together.” This delightful animated film, produced by DreamWorks Animation, is full of enchanting melodies. 

Through voice acting, they will bring life to the adorable characters, Poppy and Branch. Wendy, a member of Red Velvet, will be reprising her role in the third installment. In 2021, she showcased her exceptional acting and singing talents as she voiced Poppy in the Korean dub of “Trolls World Tour,” captivating audiences.

Excitingly, Eunseok, a talented member of the newest boy band RIIZE from SM Entertainment, is about to venture into his first voice-acting film role. He will take over the main character Branch, which Rowoon previously portrayed.


Poppy and Branch, who have had a flirty friendship, finally make their relationship official (#broppy). As they grow closer, Poppy discovers a secret from Branch’s past that puts their newfound relationship to the test. She learns that he was a member of the popular boy band BroZone, along with his four brothers. However, the band and their family disbanded, leaving Branch estranged from his brothers. In a shocking turn of events, the villainous pop stars Velvet and Veneer kidnap one of Branch’s brothers, Floyd. This prompts Poppy and Branch to embark on a thrilling and emotional journey to rescue him.


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Red Velvet Wendy and RIIZE Eunseok 

Recently, Wendy and her group Red Velvet made a comeback with their third full-length album titled “What A Chill Kill.” The album is a collection of ten tracks that showcase the group’s versatility with various musical styles and colors.

Eunseok is a member of RIIZE, a rising boy group signed under SM Entertainment. They made their highly-anticipated debut in September, captivating fans with their catchy track Get A Guitar.” This announcement has left fans excitedly awaiting the remarkable talent and potential that RIIZE will bring to the music industry.

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