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Legendary and iconic Black Sabbath rockstar “Ozzy Osbourne” has shown that he has an interest in cryptocurrency, with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and crypto gambling investments appearing to be of real appeal to him.

Indeed, whilst he is best known for his musical ability and perhaps the antics that the rest of his rather outlandish and extreme family get up to, it seems that he could be about to try and add another string to his bow and enhance his reputation around the world in a new way.

John Michael Osbourne, who is better known as Ozzy, has been incredibly successful throughout his lifetime, particularly as a brand. He has been able to make himself incredibly wealthy through his reputation as he has been able to cash in and create a huge amount of merchandise based on his name and his role in Black Sabbath. That success has perhaps played a role in helping him to enjoy another passion: gambling.

Indeed, his passion for gambling has been paid homage by developers in the past, too, as there have been slots titles made in regard to him. The introduction of a game in his name might have played a role in why he has become interested in investing in casinos.

Ozzy set to invest in crypto casinos

It is rumored that Ozzy is interested in investing in crypto casinos, which will see him combine two of his passions together after developing a keen interest in virtual currency. It is understood that he is intrigued by how blockchain casinos work and is already thought to have had a project start: Metal Casino.


The aim of his project is understood to be focused on making sure that the casinos he invests in are as trustworthy to punters that use them as possible, whilst they also remain dedicated to serving their customers in the right way. 


Perhaps as a side note, Ozzy is also thought to have been actively involved in investing in crypto casinos because it helps him to feel young again as the entire project is innovative due to the technology that is used.

NFTs are also on Ozzy’s radar

As mentioned, he also has a keen interest in the NFT area, which is perhaps hardly a surprise given his passion for crypto and the fact that there has been a big boom within this particular market across a variety of different sectors; especially as it was thought to be worth billions last year.

Ozzy recently revealed on his Twitter page that he would be releasing his own crypto coins and NFTs which would be called the CryptoBatz Collection. He has played a role in the design of these tokens and is going to be active in the release of them once they become available. It is believed that these NFTs will be able to be combined with SupDucks and other series of coins, which will allow the tokens to evolve.

The legendary Black Sabbath rocker has revealed that the collection has been created in dedication to one of the most iconic moments of his musical career, with the 1982 concert in Des Moines, Iowa, being used. This concert became famous for Ozzy and the band as it was when he bit the head of a bat.


There will be questions in regard to whether Ozzy’s decisions about investing in crypto and NFTs work, which is to be expected given the volatility of the markets. However, there is every chance that he could be successful due to the weight his name carries.

Of course, he and his family are incredibly popular around the world and there could be a number of followers who look to back it and make it successful, although we will all have to remain and see what father time provides.

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