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Mick Foley Explains His Departure From Twitter 

Mick Foley, a WWE legend, has been very active on his social media platforms over the years, whether it’s sharing snapshots of his daily life on Instagram or expressing his thoughts on Twitter. Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy, on the other hand, deactivated his Twitter account in April following the acquisition of the site by controversial billionaire Elon Musk. He has now revealed why he did so and whether or not he will return.

On the latest episode of Foley Is Pod, Foley told Conrad Thompson that it would be easy to blame the atmosphere on Twitter. But, Conrad, I’ve had trouble using Twitter in moderation since day one. It’s mostly my fault. It was difficult for me. I believe many people do, and then you end up spending hours a day looking at just everything on there. I started to feel like I was swimming in a pool full of turds as it became more divisive, Foley continued.

You can dodge one turd and still enjoy the crystal water, but when to be on Twitter becomes an exercise in dodging turds, it’s time to get out of the water, which is what I did. Foley added that he is thinking about returning to the platform the following year to the two million followers he worked so hard to gain, but that he would consider handing over the reins to someone else and letting them run the account. He stated that he enjoyed sharing things with his fans that he thought were interesting, funny, or relevant.

Mick Foley’ Upcoming WWE Projects 

Foley has also worked for the WWE Network, which is now part of Peacock in the United States, but his next proposal will be associated with a different major network, and he is currently working with A&E on a project. I’m only around 90 minutes south of Chicago videoing a WWE show, said Foley. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say this, but I’m one of the hosts of the new season of ‘Most Wanted Treasures,’ and I’m really savouring it. 

A&E produces WWE-related content such as Biographies: WWE Legends, which tells the stories of wrestlers like Edge, Rey Mysterio, & Lex Luger, & WWE Rivals. Which delves into iconic rivalries from the past, such as The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin. WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures, a show hosted by WWE superstar Top Dolla in which the viewer travels across the country with Dolla in seek of certain wrestling collectibles. 


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