Millie Bobby Brown Says She Has A Real Adult Friendship With Henry Cavill

Millie Bobby Brown is good friends with Henry Cavill as they both have worked together in Enola Holmes. Henry Cavill plays the role of Sherlock Holmes and Millie plays his sister Enola Holmes. In one of her recent interviews, she reveals that her friendship with Henry is like an adult one.

In a conversation with Deadline, Millie says that her friendship with Henry is a healthy one. But they both have like a strict friendship and aren’t casual like her stranger things friends. She says, “With Henry, it feels like a real adult relationship. Like a really healthy one. “

Millie says they have terms and conditions in their friendship. Also, she is not supposed to ask the Superman actor about his personal life. Whereas her stranger Things friends Noah Schnapp and Charlie Heaton have a quite chill friendship with her. But with Henry, she says, “it’s like Millie shut up, no? And I’m like Understood.”

Reflecting on her friendship with her fellow Stranger Things actors, she adds that they all have no boundaries and are like siblings. But with Henry, the friendship is kind of strict, which even Millie “appreciates”.

Enola Holmes 2

According to the logline, In the first movie, we see Enola’s Triumph in solving the very first case. Now as she has opened a detective agency, it will be hard for her to get the first case as in old times it wasn’t easy to get hired as a female detective.


Accepting this reality she is about to close her agency that’s when a poor matchstick girl shows up who is finding her missing sister and the girl hands over the case to Enola, which becomes her official first case as a detective.

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